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Kryston - Driftwood Floating Casting Putty

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Product Description  

We are delighted to bring back this unique product that has proved to be an excellent aid for fooling wary surface feeding carp.

Now manufactured in house this distinctive putty is essential for those who enjoy stalking fish in summer. A small amount Driftwood on the line instantly gives you that vital extra weight to cast a free-lined mixer to wary surface feeding carp.

Simply mould the putty into a streamline shape around the swivel and you will find you can cast a single mixer well beyond the boundaries of free lining. Alternatively by squeezing it over a short length of stiff drinking straw it will act as a floating bolt rig.

Driftwood is not just for surface baits alone. When carp are grubbing around in the margins a small amount moulded onto the line makes a superb mini float that can be attached in seconds. This gives instant indication with un-missable bites when using free-lined bottom baits and is especially useful for keeping your line clear when fishing over close in weeds beds.

This exceptional product sits perfectly on the water just like an iceberg, one-third above two thirds below. Its low enough to avoid spooking yet at distance can be clearly seen. When surface feeding carp become wary of mixers next to big bulky controllers, as they inevitably do then no problem…just reach for the Driftwood.

The only choice for increased distance when free lining mixers. Excellent adhesion, easy to mould. Non-toxic, fully re-usable available in good sized tub.

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