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Korda - Waterproof Trainers Choc/Black

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Product Description  

These cool, mid-top trainers represent Korda’s first steps into the footwear market!

They’ve been designed with carp anglers in mind, and feature some neat tweaks that make them perfect for bankside use. First up, they’ve been treated to a protective, waterproof shell, which means that you won’t get wet feet wearing them. Next, we’ve added a couple of features that make getting into them to strike that run at night easy. There’s a special clip on the tongue, which holds the neck of the trainers wide open, allowing you to slip your feet into them with a minimum of fuss, and reflective strips will glow up in your head torch, making them super-easy to locate during the mad rush to the rods!

There are currently two versions available, one in a muted, dark brown and the other a lighter, tan colour. Both are finished with tough stitching and feature subtle Korda detailing, in the form of logos on the inner side of the uppers, and on the webbing detail at the back.

Available in sizes 7-12

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