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Korda - Adrenaline 1000m

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Product Description  

For the past year Danny Fairbrass and his exceptionally knowledgeable team at Korda have been developing a main line. After taking time to perfect it, the finished product will be launched on February 24th at Horseshoe Lake, Gloucestershire. Adrena-Line, as the product has been named, has been developed as ‘the ultimate casting line’. It has a remarkably limp, supple finish but, unlike many soft lines, it performs well on the abrasion-resistance front too. Korda has incorporated a Safe Zone Colour Blend into the line so that the pale-brown colour changes shade along the line’s length. This helps to break up the outline and enables it to blend in with sub-surface surroundings. The most noticeable feature of Adrena-Line, and one that Korda has strived to achieve, is a true rating. Unlike many main lines that are under rated (a line that’s sold as 12lb is in fact 16lb, for example) Adrena-Line will break close to the stated breaking strain. The 12lb line breaks at 13lb, incorporating a small margin for error for poorly tied knots. Not only do you know exactly what you’re getting, but the lower diameter compared to most other 12lb lines on the market again aids casting. 

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