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JAG - MK2 316 Super Compact Pod Kit Adjustable



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Product Description  

The 316 SC2 Pod is a super rigid and ultra-fast setup design. It is not only the perfect pod, it is also totally flexible and can be used as a Buzz-Bar setup, a Snag Bar setup or even a single stick setup.

In the kit, you have the pod base that packs down in seconds to a tiny 11.4in by 3.46in, quality UK made bag, three-rod Snag Bars/Buzz-Bars (10.5in rear and 11.5in front) or two 3 Rod Adjustable Buzzbars(8.5in rear and 9.5in front) with the addition of two 8in and two 6in adjustable Banksticks and Alarm Aligners with the fixed pod kit only.

The 316 Pod Kit is hand built in England by JAG and as the name suggests is manufactured entirely from the finest 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. With a new assembly process this pod is quicker to assemble. The rounded look about the pod has been machined in a way that we would only have dreamt of a few years back.

The new features are very simple but they are what sets it apart from other pods –
- Rounded end brackets with with “JAG” engraved pins for a neat little touch.
- Three point contact arms to ensure that your sticks remain square at all times whilst set up.
- 2 x Anchoring points which allows you to put a peg through the supplied caribiner to make it as stable as possible.
- Extendable length meaning you can have it as compact or long as you like within the requirements(290mm/11.4in Closed – 470mm/18.5in Fully Extended) this measurement is with the arms closed with the center bar fully extended.

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JAG - MK2 316 Super Compact Pod Kit Adjustable

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