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Greys - GT Spod Rod + Wychwood Dispatch Reel


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Completing the Greys GT carp rod set is this GT Spod Rod. Spodding is one of the most popular baiting methods out there as it allows you to deposit a huge amount of free bait around your hookbait with incredible speed and accuracy – the like of which you would otherwise only be able to achieve with an expensive bait boat. The Greys GT Spod Rod boasts the same robust built as the rest of the rods in the GT range. However, this is an especially important factor in this spod rod as it ensures that the rod has the kind of backbone you demand from it in order for it to be able to cast huge weighted spod as far as you require.

The Greys GT Spod has a smooth building progressive power combined with an ultra-fast tip recovery. This is a vital characteristic in a spod rod as it ensures that you’re able to achieve casting accuracy consistently throughout your session. This enables you to accurately hit your marker time after time, depositing your bait with precision for the best results. The rod is furnished with G-Lite ultralite guides. Not only does this maintain the low weight of the rod for easy all-day use but it also ensures that your line can fly along the length of the rod unimpeded. This is further aided by the introduction of an anti-frap tip ring. The Greys GT Spod Rod is fitted with a top quality Fuji NPS 20 reel seat. This ensures that your reel is held in the perfect position, even under the strain of an aggressively casted spod.

The Dispatch 7500 Spod & Marker Reel has been designed to provide the user a powerful feature rich application reel that won't break the bank. The Dispatch's powerful 4.3:1 gear ratio generates over 100cm of line retrieval per turn of the reels handle, making it quick and easy to crank in spods and markers from range. The reels huge bucket like spool is loaded with 200m of 30lb braid and will give you the casting potential to put spods and markers into the horizon.
Wychwood Dispatch 7500 Spod Reel comes fully loaded with 200m of 30lb braid

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Greys - GT Spod Rod + Wychwood Dispatch Reel

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