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Greys - GT Distance 12ft 6" Spod Rod + Wychwood Dispatch Reel

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Product Description  

Designed to complement the GT Distance Marker this Greys GT Distance Spod Rod is the perfect tool for putting lots of free baits out to impressive distances. After all, if you’re an angler who likes to hit your hookbait out to tackle the furthest features of your chosen swim then you need to be able to get you free bait out to the same area. Aside from using an expensive bait boat, a spod is the only way you’re going to be able to accurately bait up your swim with freebies. This is why owning a spod rod that is powerful enough to chuck out large loaded spods out to the furthest reaches of the venue is absolutely essential to your carp fishing arsenal.

The Dispatch 7500 Spod & Marker Reel has been designed to provide the user a powerful feature rich application reel that won't break the bank. The Dispatch's powerful 4.3:1 gear ratio generates over 100cm of line retrieval per turn of the reels handle, making it quick and easy to crank in spods and markers from range. The reels huge bucket like spool is loaded with 200m of 30lb braid and will give you the casting potential to put spods and markers into the horizon.
Wychwood Dispatch 7500 Spod Reel comes fully loaded with 200m of 30lb braid

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