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Greys - Aircurve Full Shrink Rod

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Regular Price: £269.99

Special Price £209.99

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Product Description  

Greys AirCurve Shrink Wrap Handle Rod

If you’re looking for a premier carp rod then you need look no further than Greys AirCurve range. There are three different models of rod in the range. The first of these is the classic cork handled rod, the second is the abbreviated handle, and the final rod is this: the Greys AirCurve Shrink Wrap Handle Rod. As the name suggests this rod is finished with a top end Japanese shrink rubber handle, providing you with exceptional ergonomic grip. As with all the other rods in the range, the Greys AirCurve Shrink Wrap Handle Rod is manufactured with Toreon nano composite. This is an engineering process that evenly and precisely distributes the nano particles throughout the resin in the rod blank, perfectly binding the carbon fibres together with exceptional strength. This ensures that the Greys AirCurve Shrink Wrap Handle rod is able to offer the perfect balance between fish playing excellence and casting power.

There are four models of the Greys AirCurve Shrink Wrap in the range. The smallest of these is the 12ft 3lb rod. This is the ideal light carp rod for the angler who prefers fishing playing action over casting ability – although it will still comfortably cast distances exceeding 140 yards so you needn’t feel restricted to close quarters angling with this rod. The second rod in the range is the 12ft 3.25lb rod. This is the ultimate all-round performance tool that will work perfectly with the majority of the UK’s carp fishing venues. Able to offer a blend between casting power (it can comfortably exceed 160 yards) and fish playing power, this rod is ideal for the angler who prides versatility above all other.

There are two 3.5lb rods in the range. The 12ft rod is ideal for playing big fish over big distances and it is perfect for the angler who likes to have full control over their catch whether they are 180 yards out to the horizon or five yards away from the landing net. The 13ft version is ideal for the horizon hunter who wants to be able to tackle all UK and continental European venues.

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