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Greys - Aircurve Abbreviated Carp Rod

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Product Description  

Greys AirCurve Abbreviated Handle Rod

The AirCurve is Greys premier carp rod and it has been designed with the avid carp angler in mind. There are three different styles of the Greys Air Curve; there is the classic cork handle option, the full Japanese shrink rubber option, and this, the Greys AirCurve Abbreviated Handle option. As with the rest of the rods in the range, this Greys AirCurve Abbreviated Handle Rod has been manufactured with cutting edge Toreon nano. This is a composite engineering system that ensures that the tiny nano particles are properly distributed through the rod resin, binding the carbon fibre particles together with precision. The result? A rod that is both stronger and lighter than any other, without any restriction on the action or performance of the rod. The Greys AirCurve Abbreviated Handle Rod offers the perfect balance between casting performance excellent and fish playing ability.

There are four version of the Greys AirCurve Abbreviated Handle rod. Each of these has been purpose designed; ensuring that no matter what kind of carp fishing you enjoy you’ll always be able to find the perfect rod to suit your needs.

The smallest rod in the range is a 12ft 3lb rod. This is the ultimate fish playing rod in the range and it offers low power with huge potential. Despite its leaning towards play it can still cast like a dream and the rod is capable of casting 1oz to 4oz (optimum 2.5oz to 3.5oz) leads or PVA bags over 140yards. The next rod in the range is a 12ft 3.25lb option. This is the ultimate all-round rod in the range and it can cope with a mix of UK and European fishing styles. Sensitive and powerful, if you’re looking for a rod than can play a fish as well as it can cast a 3oz to 4oz lead over 160 yards then this is the one for you.

The biggest of the 12ft rods is this 3.5lb option. This is perfect for all big venues and it is ideal for targeting huge fish with massive casts. Able to cope with PVA bags and big feeders at long range, this rod can cast over 180yards with a 3oz to 5oz weight. What’s more, it also offers everything you would expect form a top end rod in terms of close quarters control, too. The final rod in the range is a 13ft 3.5lb option. This is the rod for the true distance caster who likes to regularly punch out beyond 200 yards.

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