Fox - FX Luggage Rod Holdall 3 Up 2 Down 13ft

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Product Description  

Complete protection for a five rod set up along with a shelter, landing net, banksticks and storm poles. Flat backed for ease of transportation and for shorter sessions it is quickly and simply transformed into a 3 rod holdall. 

• Completely flat sided panel for ease of loading
• PU board stiffening for extra protection
• Aluminium spine
• Breathable and non-slip 3D shoulder strap
• Side and front mounted stiffened EVA grab handles for easy lifting and loading
• Internal compartment stores a shelter with zipped and buckled pockets for banksticks and storm rods.
• Main rod compartment houses five rods with sculpting to accommodate 50mm butt rings
• Velcro-sealed rod tip protection flaps at either end
• Upper reel housing may be unzipped and a blanking panel inserted to quickly transform the holdall from a 5 rod into a 3 rod

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