Fox - FX Barrow Bag Large

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Product Description  

Barrows are the transport device of choice for many anglers these days and we have carefully evaluated the needs of the modern angler to produce a new series of barrow bags which maximise storage and transport efficiency.

In addition, and to complement our new Trackta Barrows, the FX luggage range also includes bespoke new items to make getting to your swim more of a pleasure than a chore.

Designed to fit all barrows and maximise storage and packing space both in your swim and on the way to and from it.
• Massive main compartment capacity
• Four exterior pockets with Velcro secured mesh pouches: Large front pocket holds a large double F Box Smaller front pocket holds one large or two small FX Accessory Bags Side pockets have Velcro secured mesh pouches and each hold a large single F Box
• Moulded base and lid
• PU boards in sides give a totally rigid body
• EVA grab handles on both sides for easy lifting and loading
• Removable shoulder strap
• Three zipped mesh pockets inside lid

Dimensions = D 49cm x W 79cm x H 39cm

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