Fox - FX 5 Rod 12ft Sleeve 3 Up 2 Down

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Product Description  

For our money the most innovative piece of angling luggage ever designed and capable of carrying 5 made up rods and reels in a 3 up, 2 down formation as well as housing your banksticks, buzzers and landing net in an amazingly compact ‘body-sculpted’ package. 

• Two padded dividers keep rods separate and protected
• Interior Velcro retaining loops with rubber tabs hold rods securely
• Base of padded dividers feature retaining pockets for banksticks and buzzers
• Ergonomically sculpted to be narrow in the middle and mould around the body when carried – allowing you to also easily carry a chair or bucket
• Stiffened EVA grab handles either side for easy loading
• Reversible shoulder strap with breathable 3D moulding
• Two external zipped lead retaining pockets
• Back stiffened with PU board to strengthen the sleeve and keep reels separate
• Sized to house big pit reels and rods with 50mm butt rings
• Landing net pocket on exterior
• Takes up virtually no space in your car or bivvy!

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