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Fox - Arma Point Hooks LSC

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Product Description  

In our opinion and we know we are biased, the Arma Point range of hooks are the very best available. This opinion is not only based on the feedback from our own team of consultants and sponsored anglers, but the thousands of emails we receive from customers and magazine staff across the globe.

Since their launch a few years ago the Arma Point hooks have acquired a reputation for being amongst the strongest, sharpest and most reliable hooks on the market and during this period they have accounted for the capture of some of the biggest carp in the world.

The strength and sharpness is thanks to the special tempering process that we use which also hardens them meaning they will last much longer. We have also given the hooks a non-reflective coating that assists their underwater camoufl age properties and also prevents rusting.

The LSC features a long, sweeping curved shank, a downturned eye and a long straight point, which is razorsharp. The pattern is very versatile and can be used for both bottom baits and pop-ups, however, one of the best presentations to use it with is the highly effective 360 Rig.

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