Fox - Stratos 12000 XT Big Pit Reel

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Product Description  

This sexy-looking black 12000 XT features a magnesium body, rotor and side plate, which not only makes it incredibly light (just 670g!) but also very strong and hardwearing. The 12000 XT is based on our original Stratos 12000 MAG, which has undergone a host of technical and cosmetic changes making it the best reel we have ever produced!

The 12000 XT really is a work of art and has been causing quite a stir since it was first unveiled at the 2011 Tackle and Guns Trade Show at Stoneleigh Park, England. The XT boasts a whole host of features including incredibly slow oscillation, which gives you unbelievable line lay that will add extra yards to your casts. In addition the XT also features a stunning, ultra-slim, black handle, which really is a thing of beauty!

Technical Features
• Quick front clutch with grit guard
• Pro Cast Lip on spool
• Twist Free Roller
• Mesh-Tec gearing system
• Anti-Backlash system
• Rotor line guards
• Sprung line clip
• CNS system
• Gear ratio: 4.5:1
• 15 stainless ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
• Spare continental spool supplied

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