Fox - Stratos 12000 FS Big Pit Reel

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Product Description  

For those of you that like your reels to have a free spool facility we have the eye-catching 12000 FS, which was the reel of choice for Fox consultant Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott when he won the 2011 World Carp Champs in America taking 122 hard-fighting carp from the mighty St. Lawrence river in the process! Best described as a true workhorse of a reel the FS features a hard-wearing graphite body not to mention the Free Spool facility from which it gets its name. Located at the rear of the reel the Free Spool is an incredibly handy feature as it disables the main clutch to allow line to be taken smoothly when a carp picks up your hookbait and bolts off.

Technical Features

• Quick front clutch with grit guard
• Pro Cast Lip on spool
• Twist Free Roller
• Mesh-Tec gearing system
• Anti-Backlash system
• Rotor line guards
• Sprung line clip
• CNS system
• Gear ratio: 4.2:1
• 16 stainless ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
• Spare continental spool supplied
• Weighs 835g

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