Fortis - Lagoons Brown Lens Polarised Sunglasses

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Product Description  

The Fortis Lagoons have been designed with a 24 degree wrap angle, offering exceptional side coverage that aims to completely eliminate the ingress of side light. The Lagoons integrate our X-Bloc technology. A reflective surface coating that offers additional (or extra) glare block to enhance vision. Not only does this technology provide maximum functionality but the reflective surface coating is also aesthetically pleasing, creating a mirror of colour. Available in a two colour variants:

X-Bloc Blue Mirror on Brown Polarised Lens - Provides superior contrast in bright sunlight.

Brown (no X-Bloc) - Best all round lens with excellent contrast definition.

The Lagoons are also the first model in the Fortis range to be manufactured from Nylon, providing these frames with an unrivalled strength to weight ratio. These glasses perform well above their price bracket in comparison with other leading manufacturers.

The Lagoons also come equipped with a branded protective case and micro fibre cleaning cloth to keep your glasses gleaming!


1.1 TAC Polarised Lens
X-BLOC Technology
Impact Resistant
Lazer Etched Logo
UV 400 Protection
Scratch Resistant
Reduces Eye Strain
Additional Glare Block
Brown Polarised Lens
Lightweight Frame
Eliminates Glare
Suitable for all Light Conditions

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