Fortis - Flat Top Black Polarised Sunglasses

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Product Description  

The freshly styled Fortis Eyewear Flat Tops steals the prize for the most desirable model in the range. Exceptional detailing and ultra durable hinges make these frames extremely robust.

The pure brown polarised lenses give the FT001 sunglasses an undertone of class. The brown lens has substantial contrast definition making them perfect for picking out objects in water and is why the majority of our lenses utilise this colour. They are great for low to bright light conditions. The most popular colour choice and highly recommended by the Fortis collective. Perfect for seeing through the water in any conditions.
The grey polarised lens is super comfortable and ideal for wearing over long periods of time. These lenses won’t affect the colour spectrum and therefore significantly reduce eye strain.

The Fortis Eyewear Flat Tops also come equipped with a branded protective case and micro fibre cleaning pouch to keep your glasses gleaming!

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