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Fortis Fishing Sunglasses

Fortis Fishing Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an absolute must-have on any fishing trip, regardless of your preferred catch! But Fortis eyewear aren’t just standard sunglasses; The Fortis brand are on a mission, producing specially engineered glasses whilst making fishing gear fashionable! Fortis eyewear are specialists in manufacturing bespoke polarised lenses that reduce eye strain and provide that little extra coverage with XBloc technology.

Fortis eyewear are more than just accessories, they the best bankside assistant you could ask for! With a pair of specially polarised sunglasses, you will be able to see deeper through the water and improve your waterside vision due to the most advanced anti-glare technology. More recently, Fortis expanded their epic portfolio and brought out a full range of Fortis clothing. The style is making fishing kit cool again, with minimalist designs and stylish cuts.

Here at Total Fishing Tackle, we love that all Fortis Eyewear and Fortis Clothing products were designed by people passionate about fishing. As angling-enthusiasts, we would never recommend a product or a brand that we wouldn’t use ourselves and love that Fortis are just as passionate! We think Fortis are an incredibly intelligent brand, creating innovative designs with the lake in mind!

Fortis Eyewear Technology

All Fortis eyewear are 99.9% UVA protected, reducing the affects of glare off the lake, with polarised lenses in modern, ombre colours. Polarised lenses combat bright and intense glares by layering a filter into the glasses that protect your eyes and improve visual definition in bright lighting.

Light reflecting off water does not scatter like it does with normal backgrounds, in fact, we experience the light more distinctly, which can actually be really harmful to your eyes. So, when the sun is shining (which we really hope it is), you might miss your catch or not be able to see some ripples in the water! But one of the best features of Fortis eyewear is that they are made with anti-scratch, anti-abrasion technologies as well as premium, lightweight materials that make them ultra-comfortable to wear. You also get more bang for your buck, because they are more durable than standard glasses and definitely more suited to the mad dash of a catch or any little bankside accidents

In fact, just because Fortis eyewear are designed for anglers doesn’t mean they’d look out of place anywhere. The Fortis Hawkbill Dark Glasses are a sleek classic frame in two hues of stylish tortoiseshell that offer the full protection of Fortis technology. If you’re into the more modern, sport-style aesthetic, you should opt for the Bay Fire Lens Polarised Sunglasses. These are a fantastic all-rounder that have an ergonomic design to protect peripheral vision, too. This is perfect for looking out at a large expansive of water! Despite these being a cool, everyday eyewear option; you can choose the colour of the tint to suit your style of fishing. For example, if your fishing for carp in clear waters, you can opt. for the gold mirror which is the best choice for spotting dark shapes in deep, reflective waters.

Fortis Clothing Line

More recently, Fortis have turned their expert hands to create a smart-material, stylish clothing line. The Fortis clothing line is the perfect blend of comfort, functionality and style; always in traditional khaki greens, the Fortis Clothing Element’s range is designed with just as much care and commitment to catching carp as any of their other products. The engineered materials regulate your temperatures to help you keep warm when it’s cold, and cool when its sunny!
They guys at Fortis know what it’s like to be cold and wet on the bankside, so the moisture control prevents sweat from drying and affecting your temperature. The Element’s range can be worn tight against the skin without limiting body movement, meaning you can stay at the waters edge for longer and improve your PB in comfort! If you are looking to update your thermals, we recommend checking out their thermal bottoms or Fortis Clothing Element’s Fleece Jacket for a fantastic layering items.