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Eagle Claw - Trokar TK883 Magnum Curved Shank Hook

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Product Description  

Curve Shank;
The Lazer Sharp® Curve Shank Hooks from Eagle Claw® are ideal for tying nymphs and variety of dries. Constructed of high-carbon steel with an advanced finishing process, the LO52 Curve Shank Hooks feature a straight eye, 3X long curved shank, round bend and a semi-dropped Lazer Sharp point. One of the most popular hook designs, the LO52's curved shank imparts a realistic look on stoneflies, hoppers, stimulators, emergers and other attractor patterns. 100-pack. Made in USA.
Equivalent to Tiemco® 200
Ideal for nymphs and dry flies
3X curved shank
Straight eye
Round bend
Semi-dropped Lazer Sharp point

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