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Delkim - Txi Plus 2 Rod Alarm and Receiver +

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Product Description  

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The Delkim Tx-i Plus is our flagship and biggest selling model in the Delkim Plus range of electronic bite alarms. It continues to be the first choice bite alarm for experienced anglers all over the world, where sensitivity, controllability, versatility and reliability are the main requirements. Used in conjunction with the RX Plus Pro Mini Receiver it gives the user the most reliable and sophisticated cordless radio system that money can buy, with genuine range and long battery life expectations.

RX Pro Receiver The Delkim Rx Plus Pro Mini Receiver continues to be the first choice for experienced anglers all over the world. It has proven to be the most reliable and sophisticated bite alarm radio receiver available with excellent range, penetration and extremely long battery life. 6000 HOURS BATTERY LIFE WITH CONTINUOUS USE is genuinely achievable and is the envy of our competitors. The advantage to users is infrequent battery changes, making rechargeable batteries and associated charging equipment totally unnecessary.

  • FM RADIO RECEIVER - Receives all data from the transmitter (Tx-i Plus or Tx Plus)

  • FM RADIO - Crystal controlled Phase Lock Loop (PLL) with Patented digital reception of codes, tones and battery condition data


  • EXTERNAL COIL AERIAL - Maximises performance


  • FREQUENCY WITH DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY - Complies to EN300-220 DUAL RANGE SETTINGS - Distant (D) 200 metres plus and Local (L) up to 50 metres (subject to bankside obstructions and atmospheric conditions)

  • PATENTED LOCAL (L) SETTING - Reduces receiver range to maximise battery life in the face of radio interference

  • UP TO 6000 HOURS CONTINUOUS USE - With vibro on, using a good quality PP3 9v battery e.g. Duracell MN1604 (subject to local radio conditions)

  • ANTI-THEFT ALARM - Audible and visual warning of Tx-i Plus switch off (feature can be switched off if required)

  • VIBRO ALERT - With power compensation (feature can be switched off if required)

  • HIGH VOLUME - Adjustable from zero to 100dB with tone adjusted from the Delkim Plus range bite alarm


  • FUNCTION MEMORY - Remembers vibro and anti-theft alarm settings

  • EXTERNALLY OPERATED PROGRAMMING BUTTON - For easy customer programming, takes up to 24 transmitters with no restrictions on colour combination of bite alarms

  • MULTI-CHANNEL PROGRAMMING - Allows up to 4 transmitters to be programmed into one single LED channel

  • VISUAL DIFFERENTIATION - When same colour LED activated RADIO ACTIVITY MONITOR - With audible and visual warning, advises of any serious radio interference

  • CONTINUOUS BATTERY CONDITION MONITORING WITH AUDIBLE AND VISUAL WARNINGS - Informs user of low battery and battery fail in both receiver and bite alarms INCLUDES CLEAR COVER - Allows switching and visual and audible monitoring without removal for maximum protection

  • INCLUDES ATTACHMENTS - For pocket, belt or rod rest, plus additional self adhesive Velcro strip

  • LANYARD AVAILABLE - As optional extra, part of Identikit

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