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Delkim Fishing Alarms

Delkim Fishing Alarms

Delkim is a brand synonymous with bite alarms that have become a staple in every angler’s equipment setup for years. The Delkim bite alarms, including the Delkim Txi, we stock at Total Fishing Tackle will introduce new anglers and even those of you who are well informed on Delkim products, to convenient ways to improve your fishing game.

So, a bit of background on Delkim and the Delkim Bite Alarms range. For well over three decades, Delkim has been pushing to the forefront of bite indication technology. In 1992 they released the Piezo Vibration Sensing, a system that can indicate the speed of linear line movement and the vibrations from the top nods of your rod, something modern day anglers take for granted due to the popularity of these products. Due to the many adjustment settings to ensure the sensitivity of the alarm as exactly how you want it to be depending on the conditions, it became an expert’s choice!

An unfair advantage you say? More like being a step ahead of the competition! In a world where timing is key, no angler can afford to miss an opportunity. Don’t make things more difficult when an affordable product like Delkim Bite Alarms’ sensitivity adjustors can ensure no false indications and are totally simple to set up.

All you have to do is place your rod on the bite alarm, ensuring your fishing line can run in between the sensors. It’s always a good idea to test the alarms for your desired sounds, volume and sensitivity before sitting back. Producing a low electrical voltage this creates a sound and visual indication with its LED light flashes, so you don’t miss a single run! The great benefits of having bite alarms is that you can rest assure you’ll know you’ve had a bite when your sleeping or away from the rods and gives an instant indication of a fish.

Delkim Txi

The Delkim Txi is the bite alarm range of choice for many anglers, with the Delkim Txi Plus, in particular, being many angler’s personal favourites. Multi-award winning, including Best Bite Alarm 4 years in a row, the Delkim Txi Plus gives anglers the full experience. Use it in conjunction with the RX Plus Pro Mini Receiver, allowing you to be aware of your fish take even when away from your rods or whilst you’re sleeping. This is the most reliable and sophisticated cordless radio system any angler can get, and will allow you to reel more in. You can also purchase sets such as the 3-rod alarm and receiver kit that turn you from amateur to pro in no time.

Take your carp fishing to the next level with the Delkim Txi, with more features and accessories than standard Delkim alarms and the Delkim ev plus.

Accessories for Delkim Bite Alarms

Including the Delkim bite alarms, we have a number of items that will help you get the most out of your new setup, such as the Safe-D Carbon Snag Ears that attach to your bite alarm and keep your rod in place during more difficult scenarios. We also have storage options for your Delkim bite alarms with hard cases in a range of colours and SlimLite Complete Indication sets which incorporate the SlimLite Illuminating hanger and SlimCarb Hanger Stabiliser.

Whichever Delkim bite alarms you choose, with full kits and Delkim spares you’re investing in a tried and tested piece of kit that has provided amateurs to professional anglers’ years of successful catches, with the Delkim Txi providing one of the best products money can buy. If you need more advice, get in touch with a member of our team!