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Daiwa - Tournament Rig Line

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Product Description  

A superb match line using low water abroption technology that creates high knot strength and high abrasion resistance

Clear colour

Accurate diameter though its length making it easy to move shot

Ideal for open water or down the edge

Also ideal for method feeder hook lengths

TNRH150-0.10 TOURNAMENT RIGLINE 0.10     0.10mm         150m Clear £8.99

TNRH150-0.11 TOURNAMENT RIGLINE 0.11      0.11mm         150m Clear £8.99

TNRH150-0.12 TOURNAMENT RIGLINE 0.12     0.12mm         150m Clear £8.99

TNRH150-0.14 TOURNAMENT RIGLINE 0.14     0.14mm         150m Clear £8.99

TNRH150-0.16 TOURNAMENT RIGLINE 0.16     0.16mm         150m Clear £8.99

TNRH150-0.18 TOURNAMENT RIGLINE 0.18    0.18mm          150m Clear £8.99

TNRH150-0.20 TOURNAMENT RIGLINE 0.20   0.20mm           150m Clear £8.99

TNRH150-0.22 TOURNAMENT RIGLINE 0.22    0.22mm          150m Clear £8.99

TNRH150-0.24 TOURNAMENT RIGLINE 0.24    0.24mm          150m Clear £8.99

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