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Daiwa - Longbow DF Spod & Marker Rod

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Product Description  

Tested extensively by Danny himself the Longbow DF Spod and Spod n Marker rods are certain to deliver.
The obviously powerful Spod model offers a 4.5lb T/C and will launch loaded spods big distances, accurately. The early loading of the top combined with a quick increase in compression ensures a steady pace of cast is enough to deliver the 'payload'. But with stacks of power in reserve a faster effort will ensure increased distances.

The hybrid design of the Spod n Marker gives up a small amount of T/C at 4.25lbs allowing you to load smaller weights with a marker float in place. It also ensures that degree of feel remains, when trying to establish the texture of the bottom.

Both rods are furnished and finished to the same specification of their rod range

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