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Feeders and Accessories

Finding The Right Coarse Fishing Feeders

When it comes to choosing the right pellet feeder for angling, it’s a personal choice. Whether you want to keep groundbait, pellets or any other type of bait in your seatbox, we stock coarse fishing feeders to suit all preferences! The cage feeder is a groundbait feeder, fitted with bigger holes. If you want to release your bait quickly, opposed to hard on the bottom, this feeder is ideal. When put into the water, the bait in the cage created a cloud that attracts the fish, making the chances of anglers catching a fish, much higher! These cage feeders are great for shallower water and for summer angling. As well as using groundbait, bread that has been mushed can be utilised too. The method feeder has a flatbed design, which is fixed in place. You simply put the groundbait around the method feeder and hide the hook bait inside the bait or put the hook a few inches away from the mix. When the fish come in contact to the feeder, they dislodge the food and end up hooking themselves… a foolproof way of angling in comparison to the traditional fishing pole method!

Why You Should Use A Pellet Feeder

For those anglers amongst you that prefer to use a pellet feeder, we stock the subtle tool that obtains multiple benefits. The hook bait is inside the feeder, which is shielded and disguised. Due to the specific design of this pellet feeder, fish are only able to exit via one angle, making the chances of you catching a fish with this feeder higher. Another benefit of the pellet feeder is that you can regulate how much bait you are using. So, if you want to use a drip-feeding technique, your best bet is to use the pellet feeder.

Coarse Fishing Feeders And Accessories

If you don’t want to make a mess or even get your hands dirty… the Guru -X-Press Method Feeder Mould is an innovative piece of technology that can be used to make the method balls more consistent and ensure that the feeder has been loaded correctly. This easy-to-use mould makes moulding groundbait and pellets a quick and simple process, so more time can be used angling. What makes the feeder mould so appealing is the non-stick inner, which makes sure that the moulded bait can fall out into your hand seamlessly. The other mould we stock at Total Fishing Tackle is the Preston Dura Banjo Quick Release Method Mould, so anglers can make sure that the ideal amount of bait can be used every cast. Bait doesn’t stick to the mould, due to the release button that makes it easy to eject the feeder. If you want to add bait above the Method feeder, the Guru Method Feeder Clips are ideal and work by trapping line in groove and then pings free on the take. Each packet contains 3 clips and are available at a very competitive price. For more information about coarse fishing feeders and the accessories we have in stock, get in touch with a member of our expert team of anglers, today.