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Fishing Shoes and Boots

Nothing ruins a fishing trip quite like being wet and cold, especially when it’s your feet! Of course, you might have your bivvy to shelter under but we all know you will dart out in the rain if those alarms go off and there’s a chance you might land a catch! Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the weather, especially in the UK, but we can help you stay fresh and dry on your trip, whether you’re away for a week or just the afternoon with our selection of fishing shoes and boots!

You might think you can get away with regular trainers or cheap flip flops when fishing, especially if you’re a fair-weather angler, but they will not provide the same benefits and security! If you indulge in different styles of fishing, you’ll need shoes that are able to grip and handle multiple surfaces. These can be slippy boats, banksides and different terrains at different venues. Versatility is so important when you’re at the waters edge because the terrain can change with the weather. Investing in summer and winter fishing shoes is definitely a good idea, too!

Of course, comfort is king! At the heart of it, what most people are really after on the lake is just a good time. You’re not going to enjoy your fishing experience if you’re wearing rigid, outdated rubber boots. Modern designs and traction technology now mean you don’t have to wear thick, heavy boots and can keep things light and comfortable! Waterproofing also means products like the Navitas Green XT1 Trainers are angling-appropriate, stylish and comfortable.

Slip-On Fishing Shoes

If you’re away on an extended fishing trip and camping out in your bivvy, there are a couple of reasons to pack some slip on fishing shoes. You will not want to be stomping around in heavy fishing boots all day, especially if the weather has been unkind. Packing some easy-wear, non-slip fishing shoes will prevent you from tracking mud into your tents or bivvies, too.

An extra pair of slip-on fishing shoes mean you can roll out your cosy bedchair and slip your feet into some Bank Slippers. These particular fishing shoes are light weight and super breathable with a foam insole for comfort! They dry-out quickly so you can still dart out into the margins if you need to!

If you’re a bit more fashion conscious or want to invest in a some versatile, complete cover shoe, you might want to check out something like the Fox Chunk Camo Trainer Shoe. These trainers are a stylish skater-style shoe but with slip-on tabs for quick and easy access when you get a nibble! These are a great all-round fishing shoe that will be hard wearing, insulated and waterproof but you might still want to invest in some heavy-duty boots and something more summer-appropriate!

Fishing Boots & Wellingtons

Fishing shoes and boots come in so many shapes and sizes. All-rounder solutions like the Chub Vantage Field Boots are the perfect investment for outdoor enthusiasts and are also a durable, robust design for improved water resistance and traction.

Alternatively, products like the Lapland Thermo Boot are ideal for anglers that venture towards colder waters. These aren’t just fishing shoes; engineered from smart materials and lightweight thermo foam rubber, these fishing boots from Eiger help maintain body temperature and are super comfortable with a polar fleece lining! You might not wear such heavy-duty boots all the time, but we know you will be so grateful for the times you do need them!

High-Tech Fishing Shoes

The important things to remember when you’re browsing for a new pair of fishing shoes or boots are; material, traction and comfort. As anglers ourselves, we also know that they type of fishing you enjoy will also impact your style of fishing shoes. Innovative designs for fishing shoes utilise modern technologies and develop smart materials to ensure you’re not slipping all over the place.

For more advice or any more information on any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Total Fishing Tackle!