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Whilst having the right kit is essential for any good angler, some would say the most important element is the clothing that they wear. There is a reason that people have a traditional image of a fisherman in a woollen sweater, waxed raincoat and wellington boots, despite there being no actual uniform. Fishing clothing needs to be comfortable, waterproof and warm enough to offer protection against the elements during your time at the water's edge.

In the past, fishermen wore wool because the natural lanolin that is found in the fibres provides water resistance, making it easier to stay warm and dry in bad weather. Today, we have more options, with man-made fibres providing similar protection.

Close fitted sweaters and t-shirts are also essential so that you can move around with ease and have a full range of mobility. Fox have a range of sporty sweatshirts and hoodies that offer a very close yet flexible fit, making it easier for the wearer to move about freely. A close fit also holds your body heat to you, making you warmer in the winter, but with breathable fabrics for warmer days; think, lots of light layers.

The image of fishermen in a bright yellow waterproof is a popular one, even today. A coated raincoat is an essential element of fishing clothing, historically protecting from both rain and salt water, with the bright colour making it easier to spot the wearer if they fell into the water or in bad weather.

Today, we don’t wear bright colours as we now know wearing camo and green allows anglers to blend into the lakeside surroundings as not to spook the fish. However, popular brands such as Trakker and IMAX are providing waterproof jackets which boast 100% lamination for complete waterproofing, as well as high collars against brisk winds.

One of the most important items of fishing clothing for any skill level is non-slip shoes. This is where Crocs come in. Originally designed as boating shoes, Crocs are the very best in non-slip, breathable shoes, perfect for summer fishing expeditions and going out on a boat. They are also easy to slip on and off, east to pull-on when you get a catch in the night!

Colder months require warmer footwear, and so SkeeTex and Navitas's range of light but incredibly warm rubber boots can offer a solution. Where Crocs allow for ventilation, these thermal boots hold heat in and keep feet comfortable even in sub-zero temperatures.

Most anglers will tell you that the most important accessory they can have is a fishing hat or sunglasses. On bright days, it is critical that you maintain a line of sight with your catch, and you don’t want to have to use your hands to shield your eyes. Costa Del Mar are world famous for their polarised sunglasses, enhancing your vision and ability to locate the fish in the water.

Fishing clothing and accessories need to adapt throughout the year. In the winter months, you might need to think about staying warm as well as keeping the low sun’s glare out of your eyes, so why not pair some polarised sunglasses with a Fox beanie? This range offers light and breathable beanies as well as chunkier options, so you can prepare for everything from a chilly breeze to ice fishing.

Fox also has power grip gloves for colder weather, which keep the cold out but still leave you with all your dexterity to reel in your catch. Thompson neoprene gloves provide a slimmer fit, that helps prevent you from having to take them off all the time when preparing your tackle. For more information on what we can offer you as well as a more in-depth knowledge of the clothing that we provide, contact us directly. and get all the information you need to know.