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  1. Nash - ZT Neck Warmer
    Nash - ZT Neck Warmer Options Available
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  2. Savage Gear - Beard Balaclava
    Savage Gear - Beard Balaclava
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Staying warm isn't just about what you put on your head or even what you wear to cover your arms and legs — your neck needs cold-weather protection, too!

Scarves and neck warmers can make all the difference when fishing in colder climates, especially if you find yourself breathing in too much icy cold air. That can wreak serious havoc on your throat and can ruin your entire fishing experience.

Our selection of neck warmers and scarves offer maximum efficiency and protection. Our ZT Husky Warmer features tri-layer fleece for comfort and warmth while remaining entirely breathable. It is also fully shower proof, perfect for those trips out onto the water.

Browse our selection of scarves and neck-warming sets today to find the protective apparel you need.