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Century - Landing Net 42"


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Product Description  

CQ Landing Net: 3’ + optional 3′ extension

Using the same spreader block and landing net arms already trusted in our well established landing net Century have developed a new landing net shaft which splits into 2 equal sections. This 3’ or 6’ landing net makes the perfect landing net to complement and travel with a compact setup but also straps nicely onto the outside of the CQ rod case. The ease of dropping from 6’ to 3’ shaft while landing a fish makes this an ideal landing net choice to use when in tight areas or landing fish from a boat.

Landing Net: 6′ + optional 2′ extension built to match your Century carp rods

The net is critical to successful landing of a specimen and Century has designed a range that has proven to be highly successful over many years.

There is a landing net available to match most of our rod ranges in surface visual appearance. The fundamental design is the same in all versions.

Century landing nets are available in net sizes – 42” (1.07m) and 54” (1.37m) with common length shaft of 72” (1.83m) and a put in 24” (60cm) carbon fibre extension. The diameter of the shaft at the main grip point is 0.69” (17.50mm) and at the top of the shaft below the spreader block is 0.48” (12.35mm). The handle is designed to create minimum resistance when underwater and is low diameter.

  • The spreader arms have been designed to give maximum cord tension using a special group of compound tapers. This enables the net to be positioned positively without the net changing in shape or size when pushed under the fish in difficult bank side conditions.

  • The net mesh is optimised between leads being caught in net and minimum water resistance pulling net through water. The mesh has also been chosen to be as fish friendly as possible.

  • The spreader block is machined from a solid block of high-grade stainless steel and the carbon arms are located in stainless ferrules that precisely slot into the block.

  • The shaft is constructed from selected grades of carbon fibres that give a low diameter, stiffness, torque resistance and high tensile strength.

  • The shaft is built up at the base using composites and covered with a special soft touch handle for good grip.

  • A 24” (60cm) extension handle easily slots into the butt of the main shaft to give good reach when using 13’ rods or where the prevailing conditions make banking difficult. The extension handle is also important to keep rod geometry proportional and helps avoid placing a very tight radial curve in the tip.

  • Available with 42” (1.07m) arms and 54” (1.37m) arms.

  • Supplied in a green custom case with separate pockets for extensions and net.

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Century - Landing Net 42"

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