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CC Moore - Boosted Bloodworm Pellet 6mm 1kg

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Product Description  

Since the introduction of Frozen Bloodworm to our extensive bait portfolio, we have developed this high quality, exclusive pellet product to compliment the other baits in this range.


With natural bloodworm being such an incredible fish attractor, we felt it essential to produce a pellet with fresh bloodworm included throughout the pellet, rather than a 'coated' version which leaks off attractors quickly and then has no remaining attraction value after it has 'washed out.'


With this 'bloodworm to the core' pellet, the amazing attraction properties of bloodworm have successfully been harnessed and continue working for hours after their introduction into the water. As these high protein, enzyme-rich pellets break down they emit powerful appetite stimulators amidst a red cloud of water-soluble attractors that pull fish into the baited area as they root around for bloodworm based food items.




Boosted Bloodworm Pellets in a P.V.A bag with frozen bloodworm and Liquid Bloodworm Extract are virtually irresistible to carp and are a perfect combination when fished in conjunction with our Boosted Bloodworm Hookbaits.

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