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Fishing Scales

What do all anglers love to do once they’ve landed a nice big carp? Weight it of course! The modern day anglers are now often big weight chasers, in constant search of beating their p.b. weight and so the need for an accurate fishing scales becomes an essential piece of the setup.

Here at TFT we understand the importance of investing in a good set of scales that will be long lasting, durable and accurate for weighing fish. That’s why we stock a wide variety of fishing scales, from the traditional anglers who prefer the seeing the needle swing scales to the tech modern anglers who like to know the fish weight to the point with the digital fishing scales. Many of our fishing scales are also heavy duty, meaning no matter the size of the carp you land, we have a set of fishing scales that can still play the part, with stainless steel hooks for added support. Not only a variety of fishing scale designs, but we have fishing scales from a range of price points to. Whether you’re looking for cheap fishing scales like the Berkley Digital 50lb scales, or top of the range Fox Digital Scales &  Reuben Heaton scales we’ve got you covered.

Carp Fishing Scales

All of our fishing scales have been sourced from the leading brands in the carp scales and sling space including Reuben Heaton, Berkley, Korda, Whychwood, Daiwa and Korum to give our anglers the best carp scales available. Our fishing scales have been stocked with quality and convenience in mind making our fish weight scales easier than ever to use. Not only can our fishing scales be used for carp fishing but also as match fishing scales for anglers looking to catch smaller fish including roach, perch and bream to name a few. We also stock a wide variety of fishing scales accessories including tripods and weight bars. Whilst your browsing, why not take your accurate fish weighing to the next level with our range of tripods and weigh slings for the complete set with free delivery options available.

As always for any further information on fishing scales feel free to contact our friendly staff for further advice.