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Carp Unhooking Mat

When you peer into your landing net and there lays your prize, a marvellous carp safely encased in the folds of your net. Big or small, every fish deserves to go back into their watery home in the same or better condition than when you caught it, that’s where our range of carp care products come in…….

Now how does a carp go back into the lake after being caught, in BETTER condition that when you caught it? Well simple, our range of carp treatments  for hook holds, lifted scales, sores or minor wounds will give the fish the best possible chance of healing quickly.

Carp care liquids and pastes are available from many of the angling brands and are designed to allow the angler to treat the hook hold and any sores or scrapes that the fish may have on their body. Many fisheries insist on all anglers using carp care liquids and treatments so for less than a kilo of boilies you can do your bit to help ensure those beloved carp are around for many more years to come.

We would strongly recommend you get the best carp care equipment that you can, a big well-padded unhooking mat preferably with sides or raised edges to prevent the carp from rolling or flipping off the mat, a cradle gives the ultimate protection especially if you fish on your own. Check your fishery rules to ensure you are using the correct sized mat, the bigger and more padded the better.

It’s not just carp anglers that should be using unhooking mats, any fish big enough to require a landing net should be laid on an unhooking mat, for the river anglers we stock a range of roll mats than be rolled up and transported on top of a rucksack and we have unhooking mats that double up as a weigh sling where you can even use them to carry your rods bait and tackle!

It doesn’t matter whether you are hunting 60lb carp in France or chub and barbel from the river, we have a carp care product that will suit all anglers and give them the best chance of looking after those prized catches!

As always, the team are on hand to answer any carp care related questions or queries, just get in touch and we will be only too happy to help out.