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Bait Bags and Buckets

Bait Bags and Bait Buckets

We all know keeping everything organised helps land more fish on the bank. That’s no exception with keeping your bait stored correctly whether its in bait bags or buckets. We have got you covered from a wide range of bait bags such as the Nash Cool Bait Bag or the Fox - Camo Bait Bucket. If you are an angler more keen fishing over weekends or for longer periods, its likely youll need a larger bait bag like the Trakker NXG 17 Ltr Square Bucket Bag, or perhaps the Shimano Trench Cooler Bait Bag. If you’re an angler that loves the frozen baits, the Trakker NXG Large Chilla Bag can be a great choice for the angler looking to keep frozen bait fresh over a weekend carping big carp!

If a day ticket fish in the sun is more your style, perhaps you’d like the Korum Tackle and Bait Bag to keep your tackle and bait all stored in one place. With the Gardner Pop up bait bag and the Rogue bait bag you can keep your bait compact with easy bag folding for ideal storage. Our keen anglers love using Air dry bait bags such as the Fox Camolite Air Dry Bag and Hookbait Bag to ensure your boilies are dried properly, essential for baiting your spots with a throwing stick. If you need to ait dry your bait on a larger scale, we’de recommend using bait bags in the similar range to the Nash Airflow Boilie Bag.

In case you didn’t notice, we also stock a large range of bait buckets from various size like the Nash 5litre Bait Bucket to the Sticky Baits - SB 13 Ltr Bait Bucket. Or maybe you’d like a bait bucket set like the Drennan Bait Bucket Set 25Litre, not only a bait bucket but a brilliant tool for processing and accurately measuring your bait. We also stock bait buckets ideal for match fishing like the Saber – Supra Bucket Seat Carryall a bucket and seat all in one! Perhaps your not in need of a brand new bucket but like the idea of a bucket seat? No problem, we have bucket seat accessories like the Shimano – Sync Square Bucket Cushion or the Nash – Rectangular Bucket Cushion. Bait buckets or bait bags, maybe you still cant choose? Well how about the best of both like the Trakker – NXG 17 Ltr Square Bucket Bag. Whatever your needs we’ve got bait bags and bait buckets for every angler!