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Korda Masterclass

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Carp fishing angler Darrell Peck presents the latest in his exceptionally informative ‘No Privileges’ chapters for Masterclass 6, showcasing spring fishing tactics… new for 2019. Expect zig rigs, spring hookbait prep, spinner rigs and, most important, lots of carp… big ones too!

Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 6 - CHAPTER X (Carp Fishing Video | DVD)

Darrell Peck demonstrates some essential spring tactics at Baden Hall Fisheries, Staffordshire - a day ticket lake anyone can visit. In keeping with the ‘No Privileges’ theme there are no swims roped off and there has been no pre-baiting. Darrell uses several carp fishing rigs, baits and techniques to catch some impressive big carp.

Learn key questions that can make all the difference when approaching a new lake. Getting little pieces of information from regulars can be so useful, but ultimately Darrell sticks to the tactics he uses everywhere in order to catch.

Zig rigs are first on the agenda with a full explanation of how these are created using just a few key Korda end-tackle components. Darrell goes through a step-by-step guide on how he ties his version of a zig rig, and also explains the variation in baits that complements it.

The first trip to the lake sees a change of swim after the first night, as Pecky tries to not only learn the lake, but to catch for the cameras. Using the marker float to get some additional knowledge about the lake at the end of the first session proves vital when they re-visit the lake a week later.

Week two starts with better weather and clearer water, and Darrell is more confident of catching. After some adjustments, based on what he learnt from the first trip, two fish are caught in quick succession. A foul-hooked fish can’t be counted, but that is soon forgotten when a pristine 38lb common carp graces the bank.

Look, see and adjust the position of the rigs is the tactic Pecky sticks to and proves himself right, including using his favourite black foam. “Black foam in the dark… if you doubted it before, you won’t anymore” as Darrell catches another one in the pitch black of night.

Later in the film, Mr Peck decides to fish on the bottom and uses the now famous Spinner Rig. Sweetcorn, maggots and crushed boilies are on the menu. In Pecky’s words “Spinner rigs, big heavy leads and yellow pop-ups… let’s just hope they turn up”.

Overall this chapter is full of hints, tactics and really useful advice that will help you put more fish on the bank. Darrell Peck is known for catching fish anywhere he goes, and these well thought out spring tactics will ensure you can do the same.

Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 6 contains five chapters of MUST-WATCH footage packed with the latest carp fishing tackle, tactics and tips from the likes of Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi, Darrell Peck, Rob Burgess and Neil Spooner. A fantastic FREE set of carp fishing videos that will catch you more fish for 2019.