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  1. Gardner - Stainless Bug Indicator
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  2. Gardner - Mini Bug Indicators
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  3. Gardner - Tritium-Max Betalights Isotopes
    Gardner - Tritium-Max Betalights Isotopes Options Available
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  4. Gardner - Micro Bug Indicators
    Gardner - Micro Bug Indicators Options Available
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Carp Fishing Indicators

You need to be fully prepared when you go angling, from the bait to the rod, everything needs to have been thought through and purchased with purpose. This includes carp fishing indicators, which come in a variety of different styles and all do something slightly different. These useful tools should definitely be part of your fishing tackle, even if you’re a relaxed angler! The carp fishing indicators can provide you with much more information about what is going on under water than an alarm can. The brands we stock at Total Fishing Tackle are all top of the range, so you can pretty much base your decision on which carp fishing indictors to opt for purely on aesthetics. So, what are the different types of carp fishing indictors and what should we be looking for?


Renowned for being the most versatile indictor, the hanger can literally be used in every situation when angling. The choice of carp bobbins is endless; from tight lines to slack line fishing. There are many hangers for angling on the market, and we have the highest quality ones in our range … and we have kept them affordable! The Prologic-SNZ Slim Hanger Indicator 3 Rod Set is both elegant and functional. All the carp bobbins on this indicator are made of high refection acrylic transparent plastic, which makes them visible in the water. We also stock Skills -LED Illuminated Adjustable Hanger, which are available in a choice of colours. To use them, simply plug them into your existing alarms and they will illuminate when you get a bite!


Despite not being used as regularly in modern angling, they still obtain their purpose and are more suited to some specific styles of angling. Seamlessly designed for both long range and super tight line fishing, it may still be worth investing in some quivers as part of your fishing tackle, especially if you want to fish at extreme range. Fox-Black Label Dinky Quiver Set has an adjustable hockey stick that allows you to alter the tension. Choose between soft, medium and stiff, depending on the range you wish to fish at. Fox also sell Black Label Titanium Quiver Arms for ultimate bit indication, regardless of the range you are angling at.


Similarly to quivers, swingers aren’t seen as often in modern angling. However, they are useful if it is windy at the venue, because it will stop the bobbin head from blowing around too much. This eliminate any fake bleeps from the alarm. The Fox – MK2 Illuminates Swinger 4 Rod Set with four colours light up when they are connected to alarms. This carefully deigned piece of technology will make angling much lighter work on a day when the weather isn’t on your side!

Carp Fishing Bobbins

The innovative Black Label Slik Bobbins by Fox has a dual purpose clip that has been designed so you can fix your main line to the base of the clip, which increased the fishing bobbins sensitivity. If you would like more information about our fishing bobbins and the accessories we also stock, get in touch and we can advise you on the appropriate tackle you need for your angling trip.