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Headtorches & Lamps

Fishing Head Torch

There is nothing worse when fishing than scrambling for your catch when your alarms have gone off in the middle of the night and realising you have forgotten your fishing head torch! We have all been there, but these simple pieces of kit are absolutely vital when staying overnight on the bankside.

A fishing head torch is worth the investment, even just for the simple things like a dash to the facilities in the middle of the night. The selection we have available at Total Fishing Tackle are all ideal fishing lights, whatever your preferred catch is, we have a camping head torch to match. It’s always important to remember your target catch when you are browsing for a new piece of kit. For example, bright, penetrative lights will scare off wary fish and waste all your efforts, especially if you are sea fishing, targeting trout or bass. If you tend to visit pressured waters or an extremely popular venue, your catch is going to be more suspicious of anything you do – choosing the right light is a step towards success in these areas!

It’s common knowledge that green is the optimal colour tint because it attracts both fish and their prey to your catch area. A green hue is not as harsh as other lighting, but the human eye is also more receptive, meaning anglers are able to glimpse their catch in the water. A fishing head torch with a green colour tint is ideal for going about your business on the bankside, without compromising your catch. The Ridgemonkey VRH150 USB boasts the best of both worlds with twin colour output

Alternatively, stick with the anglers-favourite Petzl Tacktikka + RGB. This tried and true piece of kit has red, blue and green lighting options so you can personalise your fishing head torch as well as the standard white light. The colour options preserve night vision without compromising on performance and illumination. Both models are available with a rechargeable battery pack. This means you won’t have to rummage for AAA batteries in the dark or remember to pick up new ones – you just plug the camping head torch in and charge it during the day.

For the more extreme (and committed) anglers, a more robust camping head torch could suit best. LED Lenser are renowned for some almighty beams, but the LED Lenser MH6 Fishing Head Torch has temperature control technology, illuminating in temperatures ranging from -20 to 40 and above.

A camping head torch allows for ultimate flexibility and mobility. You’ll always need as many hands as you can get when landing your new personal best as safely as possible. Comfortable head bands will sit securely whilst your hands remain free. A fishing head torch with an adjustable light (can be angled a certain way) is always helpful, too!

Remote Lamps and Lighting Solutions

Having said that camping head lights are functional, useful and help you land your catches, other lights are vital on the bankside. They ensure your safety and prevent you from scrambling around in the dark or holding a mobile phone torch up in the air in your fishing bivvy.

Ridgemonkey manufacture the Bivvy Lite Elitre IR that offers customisable lighting options and fantastic illumination. Of course, the light is rechargeable with impressive staying-power and more than enough for an overnight stay! For something a little more robust, the Trakker Nitelife Floodlight 1280 that powerfully illuminates large areas, perfect for lighting a whole team of bivvies. Strip lights, like the Ridgemonkey design, will light up a specific or focused area whereas bulb or box lights will illuminate larger areas, but both are suitable for inside your bivvy.  

Always remember to shop for a fishing head torch or light that is made from durable materials, suitable for the bankside and all-weather contingencies – imagine being cold as the rain pours and then your light goes out!

Lighting Accessories

Don’t forget to pack camping head torch accessories. Effective chargers will be purpose built for fishing areas and fishing head torches. These will ensure your battery doesn’t run out but will be much more effective than a standard power pack. Remember to keep your lighting solutions and accessories protected with hardcases, designed to prevent water from damaging batteries and keep all your items together and accessible!

Get in touch with the team at Total Fishing Tackle for more information or advice before you buy!