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Carp Bedchair

Change Your Experience With A Carp Bedchair

The humble carp fishing bedchair is no longer just a glorified camp bed - Fox changed all that in the late 80’s when they made their first ever dedicated fishing bed. Since then there have been some major improvements in bedchair design and since Nash Tackle changed the angling world with their sleep systems, the bar has regularly been raised in the quest for the ultimate in comfort and design.

Bedchairs and sleep systems come in various sizes, designs, warmth ratings and now they even come in different shapes! Intrigued about our carp fishing bedchairs? Read on.

Nash Fishing Bedchairs

Nash is arguably still leading the way in fishing bedchair and sleep system design, with many features that are now commonplace on competitors’ products. The Wide Boy range changed the game for the larger angler who likes more room than the standard size fishing bedchairs offer. They then smashed that out the park with the Emperor design that can comfortably sleep two! Despite all the changes in materials and technology, the principal of Nash products has remained the same; the carp fishing bedchairs are comfortable and durable, in a variety of heights and sizes. For those anglers who like to be lower to the ground, the SS3 range is the one for you, while the SS4 is slightly higher, perfect for those who prefer that style.

The Nash sleep systems are brilliant and involve a duvet style sleeping bag top attached to the bedchair all ready to go. All you have to do is slide in under the top and away you go - lots of zzzzzzzzzz!

The originators of the sleep system have stuck to their guns and made subtle tweaks here and there to keep the improvements coming.

More Carp Bedchair Options

Fox have also been making bedchairs the longest and whilst they do not have the experience of the Sleep Systems, they have still produced one of the best-sellers in recent years: the Fox Flatliter MK2. As the name suggests there was once a MK1, but improvements have been made and additions and accessories added to create a versatile sleep system that will ensure a comfortable night’s rest for all but the biggest of anglers.

Trakker have rocked the angling world with their Levelite Oval bedchairs and sleep systems, designed very cleverly to maximise the space under your shelter, by tapering the ends of the carp fishing bedchair to form an overall oval profile. They are available in standard and wide versions, something that the Fox sleep systems are not.

Trakker have also been working on their carp bedchairs and without wanting to spoil their thunder, keep your eye out for some new additions coming soon. Recently a number of companies have introduced carp fishing bedchairs into their ranges and some of the more long-established companies have added and improved their ranges. Solar Tackle, Avid Carp, Prologic, JRC, Chub and TF Gear all produce very good carp fishing bedchairs that, when combined with a decent sleeping bag, will ensure a great night’s sleep.

Someone once said, ‘any fool can be uncomfortable’ and with the options and budgets available, the same can certainly be said of any anglers!