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  1. JRC - Cocoon 2G Universal Barrow Straps
    JRC - Cocoon 2G Universal Barrow Straps
    Special Price £9.99 Regular Price £11.99
  2. JRC - Contact Barrow + Middle Bag
    JRC - Contact Barrow + Middle Bag
    Special Price £109.99 Regular Price £124.99
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Carp Fishing Barrows

Gone are the days of using an old wheel barrow to cart all your gear to your swim!

The carp angler is spoilt for choice when it comes to fishing trolley choice, from the basic 1 wheeled barrow to the more stable 2 or 3 wheeled versions with integrated bags and attachments all designed to make transporting your gear as easier as possible.

Which one is suitable for you will depend on a few things, how much gear you take, how far you have to walk with your barrow, whether you plan on integrating your luggage to your barrow and of course how much you want to spend. Rest assured though, whatever your budget or requirements, we have the barrow for you!

Prestige were the first big company to mass produce barrows for the UK carp industry, hand built in the UK they are renowned for their strength and durability. They have a barrow for all angler’s requirement’s, big and small and in recent times they have added many luggage items to their range of products and accessories, water carrier attachments, small panniers designed to fit on the barrow itself and even the first three wheeled barrow designed to be pushed without having to lift at the same time. Brilliant.

Fox have added a couple of barrows to their range over the years and their latest offering is the Fox Explorer Deluxe. Designed for the more mobile angler allowing to fish off the barrow, and compatible with their own range of Voyager luggage, the Fox barrow is well worth a look.

Nash Tackle are another company that have ventured into the barrow market with the Trax range. Both the smaller Metro and the bigger Evo are very well made with lots of nifty features and they work perfectly with the companies Logix Luggage range.

Trakker have just released their brand-new Access barrow with a unique twist, the bed chair sits on the front of the barrow in a specially designed cradle, allowing a more stable platform in the middle for all your luggage, keep your eyes peeled for that one.

TF Gear and Chub have both produced barrows that are certainly up to the job and they won’t break the bank either, perfect for anglers new to the sport or those buying their first barrows.

One thing is for certain though, whatever you need barrow wise, we have the right one for you and if you are unsure what barrow you need or have any other questions, get in touch, we are only too happy to help!