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Buzz Bars

I know you are all wondering why they are called Buzz Bars well let us enlighten you!

In the old day’s anglers made their own banksticks and buzz bars, the bite alarms were a little different than those of todays and when the line was pulled, hopefully by a carp, the sensor would trigger the bite alarm and the alarm emitted a buzzing noise rather than a beep. Hence the name buzz bars!

As well as the variations in materials, carbon, stainless steel, aluminium etc there is also the choice of adjustable or fixed buzz bars. As simple as it sounds, the distance between your bite alarms can be adjusted to splay your rods out wider or keep them inline, the choice is yours!

Although not so popular there is also the goalpost set up to consider, the buzz bars are supported by a bankstick on both sides rather than just from the middle, thus creating a goalpost type shape. The advantages of this are the stability, they are rock solid but obviously there is the increased cost of the extra banksticks, each to their own!

The choice really comes down to the number of rods you use, do you want a metal finish or a black finish and the material you want the buzz bars to be made of, most anglers use matching buzz bars and banksticks but why be the same as everyone else, pick some stainless banksticks and some black or composite buzz bars and buck the trend!

The only final consideration is budget, we have the full range from the likes of Solar, Century Neville, Cygnet, Summit and JAG, along with Fox, Nash Tackle and Korda!

If you are unsure what is best for you, then drop us a message we are here to help!