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Professional and amateur anglers alike know just how important choosing the right fishing bait is when you head off for a day of catching carp. Depending on your fishing spot and personal preferences, picking the ideal carp bait will vary from person to person. For anglers with the right storage conditions, carp fishing bait with a shelf life is ideal when regularly heading to the bank whereas others prefer to try out different types of bait each time to find the carp bait that leads to the best catches with their new carp fishing rods!

Types of Carp Fishing Bait

Until you have established your fishing style, deciding on the best type of fishing bait can seem intimidating. With so many types of carp bait on the market, how do you choose the best one for your fishing style?

  • Pellets: Many fish are fed on pellets when they are reared which makes them a great choice for fishing bait. They can be made softer with water to allow them to be hooked or used for pre-baiting a spot before you even cast your line to give the fish a taste and entice them towards your catchment area.

  • Ground baits: An old classic which is dry to the touch but clumps together when mixed with water. Packed full of attractors and additives, modern day ground baits are incredibly effective at enticing fish into your swim and holding them there without overfeeding them.

  • Particle baits: Although less common, they can be a useful type of carp bait to use during warmer months. Hemp seeds, maize, tiger nuts and even pigeon conditioner can be purchased ready-made but fishing bait manufacturers now recreate popular flavours and add them to their premade particle mixes.

  • Stick mix: Made from various ground bait ingredients with additional oils and attractors, this form of carp fishing bait can be compressed and threaded onto the hook link. This form of fishing bait is ideal where the hook can catch on leaves and branches as the hook point is completely hidden. The PVA stick melts away leaving an attractive ring of carp bait around the rig with the hook totally hidden from view.

Carp Bait From Your Favourite Brands

As keen anglers ourselves, we only stock fishing bait from reputable brands which we would recommend to our customers. Buy from all of your favourite angling brands in the same place with carp fishing bait from big names such as Nash, Century, CC Moore and many others. Many of the classic brands have been a hit since the 80’s when boilies first became popular, continuing to grow and offer well-loved carp fishing bait. Over the years, the number of different types of fishing bait available to us has increased rapidly, offering products for all preferences from the classic 80’s favourites to new exciting flavours.

Each type of carp bait is designed for particular conditions, allowing you to be as fussy as you please when buying your fishing bait before heading to the bank. Some anglers prefer sweet and some prefer savoury but what about the colour, size and softness? Although there has been some superstition around the small details, the little things have shown to make a big impact. For example, brightly coloured boilies are ideal for murky waters as it enhances their visibility to nearby fish and can increase your success during the miserable weather. Once you have decided on the type of carp you plan to catch, choosing the best carp fishing to compliment can make every difference!

If you have any questions about our range of fishing bait or would like some friendly advice before you make a purchase, do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re all keen anglers ourselves and love any excuse to talk all things fishing!


What Is the Best Bait for Carp Fishing?

Well, this is the million-dollar question! The truth is, any bait can work on its day and it is down to us, the anglers, to figure out the best one on any given day. We like to carry a selection of baits, boilies, pellets, ground bait, sweetcorn, pop-ups and wafters so that we don't limit ourselves to one option. Always do your research on the lake you are going to visit and ask the bailiffs as they will always want you to catch!

What Attracts Carp the Most?

If a carp thinks that something smells good, they will eat it! They have a tremendous sense of smell and they use it to grub about on the lake bed to find their food. Carp love sweet and savoury flavours, so take a selection of baits that will appeal! Also, don't forget your bait sprays, glugs and Goo's! They can boost your hookbait and increase your chance of catching!

What Do Carp Eat?

On many commercial day ticket lakes or other heavily fished venues, the carp are well-tuned to anglers bait and rely on it as a food source. Carp love to grub about in the lake bed hoovering up bloodworm, small shrimp, algae and larvae. You'll often see the carp plucking at the water snails in amongst the weed too.