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PVA & Mesh

PVA has been around now for a number of years, starting out in the early days as PVA String and nuggets. Along came solid PVA bags and this was a massive edge for those who gave them a try and they are still as effective today as they always have been.

We were then introduced to PVA Mesh, a tightly woven thin PVA string that creates a stocking where you tie a knot in one end, fill with a handful of your chosen bait, tie a knot in the other end and nick it onto the hook. Once cast out the mesh bag dissolves leaving your free offerings nicely around your hook bait, tidy!

Even now, PVA products are changing and becoming more efficient for the angler, quick melt PVA for the winter, slow melt for the summer, solid bag kits that makes the loading and construction of the solid bags a piece of cake, check out the Fox Rapide PVA Bag System!

We have PVA tape, PVA string, solid bags, wide mesh, narrow mesh, mesh designed specifically for stick mixes and PVA nuggets for protecting the hook point when fishing over gravel or hard bottoms. Not only is the list almost endless but we have everything you need in stock, right now.

Korda, ESP, Fox and Avid all produce excellent PVA products and its worth carrying a selection to cover all scenarios you may encounter. Some wide mesh, narrow mesh, solid bag kit and some PVA string should cover most eventualities. We even have dedicated PVA pouches to keep it all together and save you searching through the tackle bag abyss!

Thinking Tackle Top Tip – PVA stringers are a deadly tactic and very simple to use.
Take 8 inches of PVA string and thread 4 boilies onto the string using a latch gate baiting needle. Take the two ends and them directly to the hook with a couple of granny knots, you can trap the hair in place as well if you wish. Once cast into the lake the extra baits will cause the rig to sink much slower settling perfectly on the lake bed and once the PVA dissolves your 4 baits are left perfectly next to your hook bait! You can also chop the baits in half to make them more attractive before threading on the PVA string.

A couple of points to remember; in deep water (over 12ft) especially in the summer, you might need to double bag any PVA to stop it melting on the way down and ruining your presentation. You can of course soak mesh bags in a glug or liquid as long as its PVA friendly and this will increase the melting time.

If you are making solid bags, ensure the rig and leader are perfectly dry before adding the bag. A good tip is to drop the rig and leader into a bowl of groundbait which will then stick to any moisture and prevent it damaging the PVA!