Munch Baits - Citrus Nut Bundle


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Product Information
Munch Baits - Citrus Nut 14mm Boilies - 5kg

Citrus Nut re-writes the rules on bait development by pushing the boundaries with a fusion of stimulatory compounds and nutritional ingredients. It’s created by merging a carefully selected blend of digestible, high-energy content carbohydrates and a spice mix boasting potent biological properties. These are coupled with an attractor package that will blow the realms of normality including Buchu Oil, powerful citrus fruit extracts and specific organic acids… just to name a few!

Due to the inclusion of soluble low-range PH ingredients, the Citrus Nut has the unique ability to alter the surrounding waters PH level, thus triggering strong feeding responses. This is the ultimate bait no matter the water temperature, situation or venue because it offers instant results and long-term nutrition both immediately and continuously.

Munch Baits - Citrus Nut Boosted Hookbaits - 14mm

The Citrus Nut Boosted Hookbaits are the ultimate in Citrus/Fruit based hookbait options. Steeped in attraction from the unrivalled combination of citrus extracts, specific organic acids and soluble proteins to offer reliability and unparalleled appeal.

With performance in mind, they have been constructed to provide a mega tough structure to withstand any unwanted attention from nuisance fish or bird life. This means they can be left out for ANY amount of time, giving you the confidence for fishing longer sessions.

Tip: This is not just a hookbait… Present a highly attractive, yet low feed presentation by attaching 2-3 of the Citrus Nut Boosted Hookbaits on a PVA stringer with a matching one on the hair.

Munch Baits - Citrus Nut Liquid Food - 250ml

The Citrus Nut Liquid Food is a concentrated liquid form counterpart within the Citrus Nut range and definitely one to have in your bait armoury! Manufactured from a complex fusion of compounds including but not limited to, Coconut, Buchu Oil, Citrus Fruit extracts and specific organic acids.
With a ‘dull’ yellow appearance and potent aroma, it is naturally thick and so will adhere to any bait it comes into contact with.

Tip: Bring back the stringers! Simply dunk your hookbait and stringer in this enhanced formula before casting out, to add another level of attraction.

Munch Baits - Citrus Nut Pellet - 4mm 1kg

Citrus Nut Pellets undergo a lengthy manufacturing process to secure a thorough infusion of the range’s complex attractor package. Buchu Oil, citrus fruit extracts, specific organic acids and a unique spice mix are incorporated into the pellets which allows both instant and prolonged release.

Incorporating the same key Citrus Nut elements, these pellets are perfect for use alongside any other Citrus Nut product in the range.

Tip: Let the bait do the work! Combine a Citrus Nut Pop-Up with a small stick of these ever-faithful pellets. Then cast to showing fish and this is a simple, sure-fire tactic for quick results.

Munch Baits - Citrus Nut Pop-Ups - 14mm

The Citrus Nut Pop-Ups are infused with powerful citrus extracts and specific organic acids to offer a dominant hookbait option. Manufactured using our advanced pop-up mix, produces these intense Pop-Ups which will remain reliably buoyant.

Containing the unique range’s attractor package, they will continue to disperse feeding triggers in any water temperature or depth.

Tip: Take it back ‘old school’ with a Citrus Nut Pop-Up and boosted hookbait to create a highly attractive ‘snowman’ presentation.

Munch Baits - Citrus Nut Stick Mix - 1kg

The Citrus Nut Stickmix is manufactured from a carefully selected combination of citrus extracts, specific organic acids, soluble proteins and mixed meals to provide a moist and attractive packed bait tool. A strong vivid colour which will not dissolve or ‘dull’, therefore presenting the ultimate visual trigger.

Due to a unique manufacturing process, the Citrus Nut Stickmix is ready to use straight from the bag and is easily compressible to form a compact structure, yet is easily broken down once immersed!

Tip: Coat it up! Even though its primary design is for sticks/solid bags, the Citrus Nut Stickmix lends itself to provide a unique boilie coat and can even be mixed between ranges. Cream Seed Boilies in a bucket with a small dose of Bio Marine Liquid Food, then add a liberal dusting of Citrus Nut Stickmix. This will create an insane concoction!