Munch Baits - Bio Marine 25kg Carp Bait Bundle

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Product Information
Our 25kg Bio Marine Bait Bundle is the complete package as far as bait bundles are concerned, hers what to expect – 25kg of Bio Marine boilie, 1kg stick mix, Bio Marine Pop ups and wafters, Boosted hookbaits, Washed out pop ups, the Bio Marine syrup and finally the Liquid food. Available in both 14MM and 18MM, have any questions about the products? Check out these product descriptions… Bio Marine boilies – Bio Marine truly is bait that cannot be compared to any other. Every single ingredient works on a different level to provoke a feeding response in any condition. With incredibly rich nutritional values due to the main mass of ingredients being varied marine based derivatives, it provides a food source all year round. A cultivated algae, a single cell yeast and a proven aquatic stimulant are combined at optimum levels to form an ultimate attractor package. Deliberately formulated to naturally overpower any other bait before it… with no expense spared in development! Despite being a marine based bait in every respect, the range has been specifically balanced to be used to huge effect all year round, even during the depths of winter Bio Marine Pop Ups – An ultra-buoyant pop-up form yet still incorporating the same essential marine derived ingredients, complex additives and a proven aquatic stimulant that make this range so effective. Our premium buoyancy aid will remain buoyant indefinitely, giving you the confidence over longer sessions. They can be used effectively when fishing singles or aside other products in the range. Bio Marine Stick Mix - This Bio Marine Stickmix is manufactured from varied marine derivatives, a cultivated algae, a single cell yeast and a proven aquatic stimulant to provide a complex array of attraction. It pushes the boundaries of the ‘humble’ stickmix by being naturally coarse, yet still compressible under small pressure. Ready to use straight from the bag for sticks/bags, without the need to add additional liquid. Alternatively, integrate with groundbaits, particles or pellet mixes for huge effect. Bio Marine Liquid Food – Bio Marine Liquid Food is a concentrated blend of marine proteins, yeasts, liquid additives and a proven aquatic stimulant. This provides a flawless concoction of carriers and stimulants which trigger feeding in any situation. Due to its highly soluble and potent nature, it will transform any bait it’s added to. Being a naturally dense and PVA friendly liquid, it boasts an endless list of applications and cannot be over-used. Either adding small doses in hookbait tubs or mixing in with spod mixes… the only limit is your imagination! Bio Marine Wafters - Bio Marine Wafters provide the perfect solution for critically balancing your rig and still include the same essential ingredients that make the Bio Marine range so effective. They have been carefully produced to remove the weight of the hook, thus simplifying the way to make a balanced presentation Bio Marine Boosted Hookbaits - These highly concentrated hookbaits are infused with an enhanced formula to create a powerful and instant attract option. By incorporating selected refined proteins, they are extremely durable and will withstand the attention of nuisance fish and bird life. Used as a stand-alone hookbait or in conjunction with other Bio Marine products, these hookbaits will continue to leak key attractors that will create an intense focal point for the fish to home in on Bio Marine Washed Out Pop Ups - Bio Marine Washed Out Pop-Ups are a mix of three subtle coloured Pop-Ups, providing you a multitude of hookbait options. Needle friendly and ultra-buoyant, yet still containing the same marine proteins, liquid additives and proven aquatic stimulants that make the range so effective. With each pot containing pink, yellow and white all with a firm structure…your options are limitless! Bio Marine Syrup - The ultimate in marine derived syrups! Although in a viscous consistency this range’s syrup is manufactured from the same marine proteins, liquid additives and proven aquatic stimulant that gives the range its name. Due to it being so thick and sticky it will ‘cling’ to almost any bait applied to it, making it the perfect choice for quickly coating hookbaits just before casting. Alternatively, it provides a great soak for everything from Boilies to Particles.