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Carp Bait

Fishing bait is one of the most important items that any angler needs in order to catch carp.

Here at Total Fishing Tackle we have all the best items from the biggest brands such as Sticky Baits, Mainline, CC Moore, Dynamite Baits & More. The vast majority of our workforce are anglers themselves and if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we certainly won’t sell it to our customers.

Many of the brands we sell have stood the test of time having been around since the 80’s when boiled, high nutritional value bait or boilies, flavoured with sweet and savoury enhancers, first appeared.

Many of the flavours used back in the day are still available and rightly so, they are after all, as good today as they were 30 years ago, in some cases they have been improved and modernised to make them even better.

Picking the right boilie is a very personal thing, from shelf life boilies to freezer bait, some anglers prefer sweet, some prefer savoury, some even have a preference of colour, size and even hard or soft baits. Rest assured though, we have them all in stock ready to go!

Most ranges of fishing boilies carry a selection of other bait products designed to match the flavour of the boilies themselves, pellets, hook baits and pop ups, liquids, dips, glugs, stick mixes and groundbaits, all allowing the angler to create their own baiting strategy, limited only by their imagination!

Of course, carp fishing bait is not limited to boilies, there are a multitude of carp baits available and on their day, every one is as good as the other. The secret is to figure out what the carp want!

Many fish are fed on pellets when they are reared and this makes pellets a great choice for anglers as well, usually hard in their make-up they can be softened or drilled to allow them to be hooked or hair rigged, they are also great when added to a spod mix (top tip don’t add them until you are ready to start baiting up, otherwise they will break down in any liquids).

Pellets are perhaps best known for their use in solid or mesh PVA bags, a tactic that has caught more carp than other.

Particle baits are still very underused and can be a deadly tactic on their day, particularly in the warmer months. Items such as hemp, maize, tiger nuts, even Pidgeon conditioner can be purchased ready prepared or indeed in their uncooked state ready for the angler to prepare as and when. Many bait companies are adding flavours from their boilie ranges to their ready-made particles, adding yet another dimension to try and outwit the cleverest of carp. 

Groundbaits have been around the longest of all fishing baits, dry and powdery by their appearance when mixed with water they bind together to deliver tasty morsels of food to your swim, packed full of powdered attractors and additives, modern day groundbaits are incredibly effective and attracting fish into your swim and holding them there without overfeeding them, a great tactic when the fish are not feeding as heavily.

A spin off of the humble groundbait is the stick mix, brought to the forefront by angler Nick Helleuer, the stick mix is made up of one or more dry groundbait type ingredients and to that, various oils and attractors are added to slightly wet the mix, a compressed PVA stick of the mix is then threaded onto the hooklink and the hook is pushed into the end, the benefit of the stick is that the hook point is completely hidden, perfect when fishing up against islands where the hook point could catch on a leaf or branch on the cast. The PVA stick melts and leaves a small attractive pile of bait around the rig, with the hook hidden from view! A very underused and extremely effective tactic.

So, there we have it, all things bait, and fishing bait related are available at Total Fishing Tackle, contact us if you are buying in bulk as we might just be able to do you a little deal!