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Carp Bait Boats

Bait boats are a fantastic tool for the modern-day carp angler. They can stealthily and accurately deliver your rigs and bait to your chosen spots, they can even help you find your spots in the first place thanks to the addition of an echo sounder or sonar.

So how do they work? Well, if you have ever used a remote-controlled car before they are very similar, except they are boats not cars! All bait boats are operated by a remote-control handset that pilot the boat to where you want it to go. Hoppers on the boats hold your rig and bait, and they are opened by the handset to deliver your rigs and free offerings to the exact spot you want. Simple really.

In years gone by this was the only function of a bait boat but with modern technology improving all the time, bait boats by today’s standards are capable of so much more.

Many bait boats come fitted with an echo sounder or sonar, this transmits back to the handset or mobile device allowing the angler to see the topography of the lake bed, how deep it is, how much weed or silt is present and even the water temperature!

GPS is another feature of some bait boats and like the sonars or echo sounders they can be purchased as an addition at a later date.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and when used in conjunction with a bait boat it allows the angler to program exactly where they have positioned their rigs using a number of satellites passing overhead, these co-ordinates can be stored in the GPS and this allows the angler to send the bait boat back out to the same spot every single time!

Bait boats are not only used for positioning baits and rigs, some anglers use them to map out the swim very quickly and stealthily with an echo sounder or sonar. Much quicker and quieter than a standard marker float set up. Other anglers only use them to deliver large quantities of bait to their chosen areas, opting to cast their rigs out but without spodding over the top and potentially frightening fish from the area.

Here at Total Fishing Tackle we carry a big selection of bait boats and a full range of accessories, including sonars, echo sounders, GPS systems, spare batteries, carry bags and everything else you might need.

With bait boat ranges from Angling Technics, Cult, Tolson, Waverunner and Antaec we have all the based and budgets covered and if you are unsure about what bait boat is best for you, pick up the phone or send us a message, we are here to help!

Did you know that when carp angling god Terry Hearn caught his UK personal best, the Parrot from the Wasing Estate at over 63lb, he positioned his rig using a bait boat? Even the best needs a helping hand from technology every now and then!