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Already have a set of alarms but didn’t get the receiver yet? Pull up a chair…….

The beauty of many modern bite alarms is that you can do just that. Purchase your required number of bite alarms and then when the time comes you can add the receiver and away you go. It saves shelling out for the full set of alarms and receiver in one go.

The benefits of a receiver, in case you were wondering, are wide and varied but here are a few; when you get a bite or the alarm beeps for whatever reason, the signal is instantly sent to small wireless remote receiver that also registers a beep or two beeps, basically whatever you would hear on the alarm, you will hear on the receiver.

If you are fishing in close and don’t want to disturb your spots, turn the volume down to silent on the alarm itself and sit yourself well back from the water’s edge with the receiver.

They are also great for nipping to the car or the toilet and at night you can have the receiver next to you, so you never miss a bite! Just be wary of the rules where you are fishing, a good rule of thumb is to not wander further than the next swim either side or 20 metres roughly. It goes without saying that if you are fishing next to snags, lily pads or in a lake with heavy weed, that you should remain with your rods at all times. Fish safety must always come first.