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Alarm Cases

If you are going to invest in a decent set of fishing alarms, then you need to make sure that they are protected when in transit to and from the lake.

Many brands now come with alarm covers and cases but if not then you can find some of the more popular ones right here!

Don’t think that alarm covers are purely to help protect your alarms if you accidentally drop them. Another Total Fishing Tackle Top Tip is to pop your alarm covers on whenever you reel your rods in. You might be resting your swim, going to see a mate on the other side of the lake or reeling in for dinner time when in France. Either way, pop the alarm covers on when you leave and if it rains your alarms will stay bone dry and the cover will stop them getting covered in mud and grit bouncing up from the ground.

If you are a Delkim fishing alarm user then you can now match your alarm covers to the colours of your LED’s, quite handy if you fish on single sticks and not buzzer bars and prefer your alarms in a certain order, we know how superstitious you carp anglers can be!