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Tackle Talk - What's new?

This time of year always brings a wealth of new products to the market and 2019 is certainly no exception...........

Our main man Wayne Box is back with another look at what's new in the angling world!

Don't forget you can see all the latest additions to Total Fishing Tackle by clicking on the New In section of the website.

Trakker have had a busy time of late with a lot of new releases including the much talked about new version of the Tempest Brolly. Calling it the Tempest Brolly Advanced with a price tag of £479.99 it now features a full zip in front, a full wrap around rear vent and a new composite block set up. Pricey for a brolly but it can be used as a full shelter or stripped back for the summer.








Next up for Trakker is a range of landing nets, starting with the base level Sanctuary T3 landing net right up to the Propel landing net. with 4 models in total Trakker have clearly put a bit of thought into their new nets and I look forward to getting my hands on one soon to give them a proper test! Prices start at £64.99 up to £189.99.










Lastly for Trakker are two new ranges of rods. The Propel being the flagship rod boasting an aircraft grade 1k carbon (let's hope it's not from Boeing) will start at £224.99 for a 12ft 3lb test curve, up to £249.99 for the 13ft 3.5lb version. Can Trakker make a dent in the already competitive carp rod market, well that remains to be seen. The more competitively priced Defy range of rods start at £149.99 and creep up to £164.99 so they are by no means an entry level rod, if you end up buying either of the new ranges let me know what you think.........

Korda have been working hard on a few new items that deserve special mention, and the one that seems to be causing the biggest stir on social media is their new tackle box. Do you remember when they launched the Tackle Safe box....... 'the only tackle box you will ever need' apart from this new one obviously. £39.99 for a tackle box, seems a bit steep to me but I have no doubt they will sell thousands as they will certainly appeal to the angler who likes to take less gear than the norm.










There was a time when ready tied rigs were nothing more than a laughing stock! Not anymore. Korda are leading the way with a range of rigs that are tied as well as my own rigs that's for sure. The latest in the range is a clever two piece version of the combi rig. The Boom Loops provide the stiff section in 2 different lengths of 5.5" and 7.5" and then the Krank Loops provide the all important hooking arrangement in barbed and barbless and of course different hook sizes, say what you like about ready tied rigs but these are neat, really neat.







Last up from the Korda boys and girls are the 3 new Goo flavours of Pinkberry SmokeIsotonic Supreme and Krill Supreme all of which are the usual £12.99. Now personally I have never been drawn in by the Goo or any other similar products but I am going to make it my mission to conduct a few tests this year, rope in a mate or two and go and see if they really are the difference maker that some would have you believe, watch this space!










Nash Tackle have been my brand of the year thus far and their latest release, the Nash Scope TT cork handled rods, produced especially and exclusively for us here at Total Fishing Tackle, are real head turners. Cork handles are a bit like marmite, you either love them or hate them but personally I love them! These swanky new babies come in 10ft and 9ft 3.25lb test curve and a stepped up 3.5lb test curve as well. The Scope Range has gone from strength to strength and these rods exclusive to Total Fishing Tackle are only going to help! Starting at £189.99 the entire range features 50mm-16mm reverse minima rings and some snazzy touches that will have your angling buddies green with envy. *note - can I have a set please boss?* Well, if you don't ask..........

Toslon are a brand of bait boat and bait boat tech that have rocked the angling world recently and here at Total Fishing Tackle we are proud to be the UK's only Toslon outlet. Did you know we even have our very own dedicated bait boat department? I actually didn't either until recently, whoops.

Toslon are arguably the best bait boats available, and it's not hard to see why. The boats are hand built on site at Total Fishing Tackle HQ but the magic doesn't stop there. The new range are hand decorated with some seriously cool graphics. You can mix and match the accessories such as fish finders/echo sounders/GPS and different types of batteries just get in touch and we will do the rest, out bait boat expert Chris is on hand to set you up with whatever you need, he will even show you how it works down at the lakes on site if you like, how many other retailers can offer that?! Check out the new range here.

I recently spent an hour in Chris's company at Total Fishing Tackle in his workshop and trust me when I say this guy knows his stuff, if you need any bait boat advice he is the person you need to be talking to.

Lastly on this tour of new and exciting products in the angling world is range of bait aimed at the match/pleasure anglers, something I have in fact used myself recently and I must say it is really rather good! The Mainline Match Range has really impressed me and now the weather seems to have taken a turn for the better, pellets will be once again the choice of many match and pleasure angler up and down the country. I have just this week used the Cell flavour pellets in 2mm and soaked them for the method feeder, the result was I caught stacks of carp. I paired the method feeder with a white Cell match boilie on the hair and the tip of my feeder rod just kept going round! Very impressive and I will certainly be giving the rest of the range a very good look this spring/summer.










That's all for now, I will try to keep you updated as and when the new products are announced but for now the weather is looking good for a bite on a zig so I am off down the pond!

Until next time, tight lines!