Navitas Kids Range!

It seems as there are now more companies providing dedicated angling clothing than ever before. One of those brands that has not only stood the test of time, but who are growing in popularity, is Navitas................ our main man Wayne Box takes a closer look!

Perhaps one of the reasons why they have done so well recently is there dedication to designing new and exciting ranges for the entire angling family, let me explain;

I have just looked at the following angling companies who have more than one range of clothing, Fox, Trakker, Nash and Wofte Clothing. Not one of these companies has a dedicated kids or women's clothing range. Wofte even claims that 'We are the trend setters'. Well let me tell you, there is a trend right now for kids and women's clothing and Navitas have nailed it!

If you visit ANY day ticket complex or lake at the weekend or in the school holidays and I guarantee you will find a sea of kids, plying their trade under the watchful eyes of friends, parents and guardians, I can also guarantee you that a few of them will be wearing their carpy clothing, oversized and not fit for purpose. The reason why? None of the angling companies with clothing ranges cater for kids. Ironically, these are the same companies that are publicly encouraging more kids to take up the sport, encouraging parents to take their kids fishing and more families to go fishing together, but while Dad sits there in his latest carpy clothing, Mum and the kids are wearing their normal every day clothes.

What this does is make them stand out. The kids don't feel part of the whole experience and the Mum feels like she is just there to dish out the sandwiches. Well now, thanks to Navitas the whole family cannot only look the part when on the bank, but feel a part of the whole experience too.

Kids clothing needs to look good, last longer than a week and be cost effective. Navitas have achieved all 3.

The Navitas Kids Core range is simple, stylish, well made and at a price that suits. The range is small but that enables Navitas to concentrate on keeping the price down but they cool factor high!

The Core Kids Hoody is a zip up hoody, dark green in colour with a subtle black logo on the chest and a woven patch badge on the pocket. With a 2 thread fleece inner and cotton/polyester outer, this not only gives you warmth but comfort as well, it looks, good, fits good and the price is just £19.99.









The Joggers are the same cotton/polyester mix with the same black logo. 2 side pockets and a velcro back pocket provide more than ample room for storing sweets and anything else, and the drawcord waist ensures a snug fit. Price = just £14.99!









The Kids Core Tee is a 100% cotton t-shirt with the black logo in keeping with the rest of the Core Range. The price of the Kids Core Tee is just £7.99!









The prices speak for themselves, top quality kids clothing at a price that will most definitely not break the bank.

The Kids Core range is available in the following sizes - 5/6yrs 7/8yrs 9/10yrs and 11/12yrs so something for all ages and sizes.

So, if you take your kids fishing with you give this stuff a really good look, the kids will love looking the part and wearing their own carpy clothing and now is the perfect time to head over to the website and get your order in!

Next time I will take a look at the range of women's clothing that Navitas have come up with and with the ever increasing number of female anglers taking up the sport, I think Navitas have nailed that range too.