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Carp Fishing Essentials, Total Tackle Review

We all have those items that we never leave home without, we asked our resident fishing expert and blogger to take a look at the items he simply cannot be without!


Now this is a tough one, I like to be prepared on the bank but I like to travel very light, only taking the bare minimum kit to get the job done. That said, there are some things that I just cannot be without so here is my list of items that everybody should have in their kit!

Selection of PVA

I rarely cast a rig into the lake without some form of PVA product involved. Whether that be a solid or mesh PVA bag containing bait or a simple PVA nugget protecting the hook point and helping to prevent tangles when fishing single hookbaits at range. I carry with me a dedicated PVA pouch that contains various items such as a selection of solid PVA bags, two PVA mesh systems in large and narrow, some PVA tape and string, a small pot of PVA nuggets, a gate latch boilie needle and some scissors.

*TOP TIP* PVA stringers are such an underrated tactic especially when boilie fishing, simply thread 2 or 3 boilies onto some PVA string or tape and tie them onto the shank of your hook, when the rig hits the bottom the PVA will dissolve and leave the free offerings right next to your hookbait, perfect for tripping up the wariest of big carp! Click the 'Shop Now' button for all your PVA products!

solid bag

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Cult Tackle Distance Sticks

Every carp angler should have a set of these in their rod bag, they make fishing accurately an absolute breeze. Simply place your distance sticks 12ft apart on the side of the bank, once you have found your spot with your marker rod and a suitable far bank marker, pop the line in the line clip on the reel and wind it in. Take the marker rod over to the distance sticks and lay the lead and float next to one of the sticks. Then you just need to wrap the line around the two sticks until you hit the clip on the marker reel. Push a peg in the ground where the rod tip ends up and make a note of the number of times you wrapped the line round the distance sticks. Let's say you went round 16 and a half times. Now get one of your fishing rods, rigged up and ready to go, lay the lead next one of the distance sticks and wrap the line round 16 and a half times. Pop the line under the line clip and you are now ready to cast out, just line up with the far bank marker and when your rig hits the clip you are on the money! You can repeat the process for the spod/spomb rod to ensure super accurate baiting! A great addition to our list of carp fishing essentials.

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DNA Baits Crayfish Mini Mix Pellet

We all have that one bait that when all else fails, can usually nick a bite or two! Well this mine, the DNA Baits Mini Crayfish Mix. Small 1mm and 2mm pellets all soaked with the pungent Crayfish Liquid, something that the carp simply cannot resist. I fish them either in a solid PVA Bag set up or in a small mesh bag that I just nick onto the hook before casting out. The quick breakdown time is superb for fishing in all temperatures and the two different colour pellets in the mix is a definite edge too.

*TOP TIP* when solid bag fishing with these pellets I like to add some of the CC Moore Oily Bag Mix at a ration of 70% pellets to 30% Oily Bag Mix, the powdery bag mix works its way into all the gaps and corners of the solid bags, making them nice and tight and aerodynamic! A lovely addition to our list of carp fishing essentials!

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Korda Krank Hooks

If I am fishing a pop up rig on a stiff hooklink such as a chod rig or a stiff hinge rig then the Korda Krank Choddy is the hook I always reach for. If I think a low lying Ronnie Rig is required then I will take out the standard Krank Hook pattern and in my eyes there is not much better. The wide open gape is so effective at catching hold in the fishes mouth and the majority of hook holds are insanely good when using the Korda Krank.

*TOP TIP* When using the Ronnie Rig I tend to shy away from a stiff mono boom section, instead opting for a stiff coated braid instead. The rig will still kick away from the lead system on the lakebed but the slightly more supple coated braid will sit better over any bottom debris that a stiff boom section made from mono!


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Aqua Products Staxx 30ltr Box

I am a big fan of keeping a spares box in the back of the van. Depending on the time of year it will contain various different things but I always keep the following spares available if required;

Spare gas bottles for the stove, a complete change of clothes and a set of lightweight waterproofs, a few bags of shelf life bait and my favourite pop ups, spare leads in different sizes and shapes, some spare PVA, tea bags, batteries for head torches and some mainline in case I need to re-spool. The beauty of carrying all the spares like this is that you don't have to cart it all round with you in your fishing bags, I only carry enough leads for my session, if I need more I go back to the van and grab some. A great addition to my list of carp fishing essentials!

*TOP TIP* Change the contents of your spares box according to the seasons, in the summer you probably won't need a thermal base layer in there but in the winter you might want to consider a set of thermal clothing and some warm socks!

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So there we have my 5 carp fishing essentials that I don't leave home without! Good luck if you are heading out fishing this week :-)