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Busy Autumn Fishing Plans!

Well, that's the Summer holidays all but over and to me, that means one thing, a new water for the Autumn!

I wasn't sure where to go and I have made a rather interesting, if not potentially daft decision to try and target a few fish from a water I used to fish when it was a day ticket lake.

Yateley Southlake may not be many people's idea of a target water but there are commons over 40lb and mirrors not far behind so for me, being fairly local and a water I am already familiar with, it ticks all the boxes. There are at least 3 fish I would love to catch, 2 of the big commons that are both over 40lbs and a fish known as the Orange fish, a stunning peachy coloured mirror.








The big common and the orange fish

The lake itself is only 8 acres and fairly well stocked so the biggest issue is going to be singling out the bigger fish, I might do this by just ploughing through the stock, catching as many as possible and hoping the big girls turn up or I might be able to target areas where the big ones regularly get caught from, I know there are 2 swims where the Orange fish usually gets caught from, unfortunately these two swims are in fact two of the most popular swims on the lake! Nobody said this would be easy!








The Car Park swims 1 and 2 are a good bet for the spring and I have had some big hits from there in years gone past, again these are definitely the most popular 2 swims on the lake so pre-baiting is probably not very sensible. Peg 24 on the map known as Last Post is an area I do really fancy, not usually a popular swim, there are 2 bars close in and a bait dropped in the silt between the bars can be quite productive, it's an area that I have fished a few times and I know it well. That's probably where I will start pre-baiting, there is a great spot down to the left in the bay, just off the reeds that stick out there is a lovely sandy strip that the fish love feeding on and it's not a well-known spot.

Pre-baiting will be with Sticky Baits Krill Boilies, pimped up with the Cloudy Krill Liquid and then dusted with the Krill Active Mix to give the baits a paste-like coating. The problem is the lake is pretty busy and whilst I will only fish midweek, pre-baiting will invariably result in a few prying eyes!

Another issue is that I haven't fished the lake for 5 years, I know the lake hasn't been stocked so hopefully, my targets are still in there. Info online is relatively sketchy as no one really targets specific fish, I think the best plan is to get stuck straight in!










Just a quick look at how I pimp my boilies, stick a kilo of Sticky Baits Krill into a bucket then cover in the Krill Cloudy Liquid, just enough to cover and coat every boilie.

Then I add the Krill Active Powder Mix and you can see in the middle picture what they look like just after you have added the Powder Mix and in the end picture what they look like an hour later, the liquid had been absorbed by the boilies and the Powder creating a paste type effect on the baits, believe me this is a massive edge.

With regards to my approach, as I have already mentioned baiting up is going to be a challenge because of how busy the lake is, but I have that one area tucked out the way that I think I am going to concentrate my efforts in first. The last post swim, as I mentioned previously has 2 gravel bars dissecting the swim from left to right and in between those bars is an area I have caught from previously, albeit 5 years ago! So my plan is to head to the lake and base myself in this swim, tuck myself right out the way and fish both rods in between the two bars.

Rig wise, a short length of lead core no more than 2 or 3 feet with a rotary rig (helicopter rig) and a snowman or wafter style hook bait on a blowback rig, nice and simple. The reason for the rotary rig is that I am fishing over a layer of silt covered clay or sand, then by sliding the top bead of the rotary rig up the lead core by a few inches, it will mean my rig should settle on top of any light silt.

If the fish move in and have a big feed then I can shorten the hooklink and change to lead clip or even an inline lead as they clean the bottom of the lake bed off down to the sand or clay.

To start with I just want to get a feel for how busy the lake is going to be midweek and I can hopefully catch a few early on and ease myself back into the lake as it were.

So there we have it, we are currently in the middle of the bank holiday weekend and I am home alone as the family are at the in-laws in France, I could go fishing but I am not even going to bother as I am sure the lake will be busy. Mind you I might be able to drop in a quiet corner somewhere, ah what the hell, I am off!

Until next time tight lines!