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Best Spod Mixes - Total Fishing Carp School

Want to know what the best spod mixes are when fishing for carp? We asked our resident blogger Wayne Box to divulge a few of his secret recipes........

As we approach the dreaded month of June, my attentions turn from my chosen venue, to just anywhere where the fish aren't spawning! If you are lucky enough to be on the lake once the fish have spawned, a big hit could be on the cards and I am already seeing some huge hits of carp from places like Berners Hall and Linear Fisheries, where the fish have had a go at spawning already.

A lot of these big hits of carp will have come over heavily baited areas, check out Tom Maker and his hits of fish from Linear for example. Tom is an out and out spodding angler, he sets his stall out and the fish usually oblige, but what makes one spod mix better than the other? Well usually it is down to the size and attractiveness of the bait. I'll explain more as I go through some of my favourite mixes that needn't cost the earth.

Linear Spod Mix

A well used name for a spod mix that gets used a lot over at Linear Fisheries but in essence, it works everywhere! One standard size bucket full up will make about 10kg of finished mix but use as much as you see fit for the angling situation.

  • Sticky Baits Manilla boilies chopped 20%
  • Sticky Baits Manilla 4mm and 6mm pellets 20%
  • Hempseed (fresh or shelf life) 20%
  • Frozen sweetcorn 40%
  • Sticky Baits Manilla Cloudy Liquid

The percentages show roughly how much of each item to add to your mix, the main ingredient is the sweetcorn and fish love it! For better results prepare the mix the night before you go fishing but don't put the pellets in until you are ready to start spodding the bait in. If you put them in too early they will breakdown in the liquid and turn to mush. Fish over the top with two grain of fake corn popped up or a low lying pop up on a suitable set up such as a ronnie rig. A great opener to our list of the best spod mixes.

Munch Baits Spod Mix

Now if you fish Berners Hall Res then you should be using this mix as it absolutely tears the lake apart but again, it will work everywhere. You can chop and change the particles and flavours of boilies to suit your own preferences but this is the exact mix used by many of the regulars when the fish go on a big feed.

  • Munch Baits Cream Seed Boilies (chopped) 40%
  • Munch Baits Candy Grain Particle Mix 60%
  • Munch Baits Cream Seed Liquid Food

Mix all the ingredients so that there is slightly more particle mix than boilies. Then give it a good dose of the Cream Seed Liquid, this super sweet mix will have the carp grubbing about for hours, the particle mix will fall in between the stones and gravel on the lake bed keeping the fish in the area and the chopped boilies will give them a very satisfying meal! Fish one of the high attract fluro hookbaits over the top, something like the Sweet Stim or the Citrus pop ups on your favourite pop up rig, a worthy addition to our list of the best spod mixes for carp!

The DNA Sloppy Spod Mix

Next on my list of the best spod mixes is one that caught me my biggest ever haul of carp in 36hrs, so I think it is definitely worth a mention. Whilst fishing over zig rigs I spodded out this mix and I couldn't keep all 3 rods in the water it was crazy fishing and I had to reel in for a rest at one point. So if you like zig fishing on well stocked lakes then this is a mix you cannot afford to avoid!

  • DNA Baits Blizzard Mix 70%
  • Munch Baits Hot Seed Particles 30%
  • DNA Baits Nuttas Hydro Spod Syrup
  • Lake Water

So, the idea of this mix is to create a cloud of attraction that hangs in the water hopefully where your zig rigs are sat waiting. Into a bucket add the Blizzard Mix and then start to add the water, keep adding and mixing until you have a consistency like porridge. Now leave it for 20 mins, what you will notice is that the Blizzard mix has absorbed the water and the mix is now much stiffer, simply add more water until you get the right consistency back. Now you can add the Hot Seed Particles and the Hydro Spod Syrup. Set your zigs so they are at the desired depth, this works better the higher up in the water the fish are, once the zigs are in position and the spomb is clipped up to the same range, get spombing! It is a very messy process but once the fish turn up, it will be chaos so get everything ready, loads of zigs tied up in advance, all your carp care kit ready etc.


So there we have it, a few spod mixes for you to try if you are stuck for a few ideas! Good luck if you are out angling anytime soon!